Taking a break from walking the NYC streets

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Taking a break from a walk on the streets of NYC

For something different in this post I am sharing some shots of a group of dogs I came across while walking along Museum Mile, they were at the corner of the Frick Museum by 70th Street.

Lets start with these two, I do not know dog breeds at all but they did look pretty cute, most of them were laying down and taking it easy but not the one at the back in this shot

1 Puppies2.jpg

Sony A7iii 126mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 250
Click here to view larger

Now we have this little character, I caught him with his tongue out, not sure if thats is its normal pose or it was thirsty, which is quite possible as it was quite warm that morning and the person walking them looked like she was about to give them some water

1 Puppies.jpg

Sony A7iii 124mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 320
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Now I did mention it was a group of dogs so about time I showed you the group, or more correctly some of this group, as you may notice none of the dogs in the first couple of photos are shown here they were in another spot but with the same lady, who I am guessing is a dog walker, a thing you see a lot of the city as I doubt one person owns all these dogs, I have read some people work full time just walking dogs in the city and if they have work int he right areas of the city can live off doing that, I have seen people walking with big groups of dog I did see one once with probably a dozen dogs

1 Puppies5.jpg

Sony A7iii 105mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 200
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And one more dog to finish of this post, this one sure looks like it knows how to relax

1 Puppies4.jpg

Sony A7iii 216mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 160
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.771684 lat -73.967548 long Frick Museum Museum Mile NYC d3scr

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Aw, such cute shots of cute doggies. I love that last one. He looks rather fed up with the whole deal. I have no idea how those dog walkers handle such a large group of dogs in the city. I walk my neighbor’s old doggie once a day, and there used to be 2 until one died last year. I struggled with 2 dogs wanting to go in different directions, and then when I had to pick up the poop, that was a laugh! Luckily there is no through traffic in our neighborhood to contend with.


Ohh yes I think he same when I see people walking dogs and I have seen much bigger groups than this, I see some people struggling to control just one dog let alone such a big group of them LOL

And can you imagine how much poop you would have to collect for such a big group,

But I had a friend once whose parter was a dog walker in the city, ended up getting a good reputation and got jobs in the upper end parts of the city and was making real good money from it

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Thanks kindly appreciated

Those two at the front kind of blend right in with the ground. That is pretty crazy. They seem to be pretty well behaved. My dog would never just lay down like that if I left her tied up somewhere. She would whine and cry and pace and pant all while looking to see where I went.


Yes I thought that same about both those tow blending in and how quietly they were all sitting, it was a hot mornings so maybe they were worn out after their walk and needed a break
I have never had a dog but i know I would whine and moan tied up like that LOL I like to be moving LOL

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Thanks Kindly appreciated

Ahhhh dogs off steemit !!! I think these dogs are labradoodles they look cute.


Thanks I know dogs as well as I know flowers ie not at all LOL


Hihi well dogs I know and I have an info app for the flowers and plants



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Thanks always appreciate the support and resteem

That is a tough job for them dog walkers lots of love and patience needed but all these dogs above seemed all well behaved 🌝


Ohh yeah for sure How they can walk so many dogs when see people struggling with one I don’t know, but i have read it can be quite a good eater if your walking dogs for people in some areas of the city


I am just glad i am not doing it...lol 👀


you and me both LOL

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Nowadays, there seem to be so many cross-bred dogs it’s impossible to know the breed. We have a “peekapoo”, a Pekingese/Poodle blend.


Even before all the cross breeds I didn’t know the name of most dog breeds add cross breeding and I am totally lost so I got fir three retypes of dog names Small biggish and huge 😂

Nice shots. They all look like at least natural poodles – i.e., poodles with their hair allowed to grow as nature intended – or poodle-mixes.


Thanks for your visit and the info on what they are :)

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Thanks so much tuly appreciated :)