PHOTOGRAPHY: The English Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Site

4년 전

I just wanted to share this photo I took when visiting the Footprint Building near Lake Windermere in the English Lake District. I took several photos, but this one really caught my eye.

It's amazing to see that scenes as beautiful as this can be seen in England, no wonder why the English Lakes just got UNESCO World Heritage Status!

I highly recommend a visit here, you will be stunned with the incredible landscape and the unique mountains the Lake District has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed the views!



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Beautiful Image dear friend. I'm also a photographer


Hi Aafrin,

Thanks for your feedback :)


This post has a very unique ingenuity. I think it's legendary. I've never seen before. @themeanbean


Thanks for the feedback :)

Very beautiful photo ! thank you ! It is really clear and quality! Good luck!

Good post @themeanbean , beautiful, a photographer 👍👍👍

Nice meeting you tonight fella! look forward to all the things we can achieve promoting and messing around with steemit!! STEEMON!!

great pictures my dear friends