MyPictureDay Challenge Round #15 + Winners announcement Round #14

4년 전

MyPictureDay #14 Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fourteenth MyPictureDay photography challenge. You gave me a really hard time picking the winners. There were many good entries and I proudly present you the first three places and some honorable mentions!

First Place

By @ankitt - Press here for the full post

Second Place

By @zianmustaqin - Press here for the full post

Third Place

By @anthonywong - Press here for the full post


By @funtraveller - Press here for the full post

Honorable mention:

ELECTRONIC MUSIC PARTY | GALLERY | by @syndicateframes

My excursion on the Venetian Prealps by @alequandro

Rock The Night by @erickaua

I busted my Ass for Mypictureday by @smawkward

Now it's your turn!

Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!

The best PictureDay post gets 20 SBD onto his account, the second place 10 SBD and the third place 5 SBD.

How to you participate?

  • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography, resteem this post.
  • Important! Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
  • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
  • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
  • Deadline for your entry is Sunday 011.02, 8 pm UTC.
  • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
  • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

1st Place = 20 SBD

2nd Place = 10 SBD

3rd Place = 5 SBD

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

P.s.: I found two Steemians to join the jury. I will send you a message and let you know! DM on @timsaid or Discord if you have any questions

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Amazing pictures. Very talented photographers!

Once again an awesome show of talent on steemit. Congratulations @ankitt, @zianmustaqin, @anthonywong, and @funtraveller. Your photos are wonderfull.

Thank you @timsaid, I know you had some tough choices. I imagine that it gets harder each week as more people join this challenge.


Absolutely! More Steemians, more entries and more good pictures! This time it was pretty hard!

This was my first contest on Steemit and I got to be in the Honorable mention. Thank you so much!!! Now to go for the gold!! :D

Well this time I didn't even get to mention it, this just makes me want to keep trying to keep trying jajajajajaja.

Great pictures!

Very cool contest...glad that i just ran into it. Will have to put a post together just for this.
It's steemians like you, who take the time to put these contests on that bring the community together, is who makes the steemit community. Thanks!


Nice click

Its a good contest although. Hope to see some brilliant photography!


amazing sunset on the shore.

During my big brother's wedding

Mypictureday submission


Wow lovely wedding time.

Hello @timsaid :)

I see this great contest for the first time - great initiative - it brings great photo work sharing possibilities.

Please see my submission post "Beauty of decay" in the LINK

Enjoy :)



Is that from Park View??
Nice shot! It seems like just a shadow


Perfect time in perfect shot.

The best thing you picked up with your phone .. A child went to pick some of the pass in the desert of Tunisia "Tozeur"


for these, me with some friends in the north of Tunisia, "Ein Draham" camping time



Nature of love very nice , thank you for sharing this lovely place.


|Wow your pretty pet got your attention for this lovely picture. he say let's go im on the awesome posing mood hihihi

wow, great project!

amazing post thank you so much for sharing

I like what you did here. I think it would be more interesting if you can make a weekly contest with a unique subject ...... or a big challenge in which we would try to catch a word in a picture. For example, this week's theme would be love, happiness or depression, that would clearly give the photographer the opportunity to express that emotion through a picture that will also talk about a photographer himself .... it's like you begin to know a person through his art

This post is very interesting friends, friends upvote my post @dedikurniawan

Great job guys. Very nice shots!! Congratulation @ankitt , @zianmustaqin, @funtraveller

First Place


Second Place



Third Place









Congratulation to all winners


thank you, may be the best among friends.
Greetings from me @jie28


thank you, may be the best among friends.
Greetings from me @jie28


Welcome my friend

Nice post,, !!"I have followed you in Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me too."


Amazing shot.


Wow! I love the colours in the sky!


nice mammatus clouds. always special to see that.


Very artistic shot.


Wow Awesome View

  ·  4년 전

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @timsaid for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

These guys are something! Amazing contest Tim! Congratulations to all the winners.
I like all of the photos, can't figure out what I like the best.

Mountain shots take the lead again :) I absolutely love nature and the mountains but you might be a little biased here :P not that I complain


The stars are amazing!

I congratulate incredible works

You art is very llamative.
and mi art is simply initial...
I admire you artRetrato Genesis.jpg

Amazing photos! such clarity, and great capture!

this contest is exciting, I loved the third picture of tall buildings, i support u , good job

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Congratulations to all who joined the contest especially to all the winners @ankitt @zianmustaqin @anthonywong and @funtraveller . Beautiful photographies from different side of the globe.

very-very good picture ok I've vote.jangan forgot vote back

My favorite is the one that is in third place, question of likes.

Wonderful this photography....i appreciate this art. all the best dear, carry on ....


Big tree so nice.

Beautiful shots, great pick and a giant THANK YOU for hosting this contest!

Namaste :)

a really clean and wonderfull picture

Let me know what you think :)


Great one

Thank you for letting me see such an amazing sight.
I am new in steemit, if it pleases you can follow and vote me.

great shots everyone

Great, I'll send a photo for the next time

Lovely , keep the good work up

Esa fototos estan geniales, noto que esta un poco corto el post pero en general cumple con el proposito de tu publicacion y ademas capta la atencion de lo que realmente intentas transmitir

congratulations to the winners very beautiful photos

very cool contest ..i will join..thanks:) lets keep on steeming

Awesome job@timsaid
Beautiful photography

nice night view:)

Amazing photos!! Nice to see so many talented photographers around here :)

Congratulations to the winners.
Your creativity and are captured in your lens.
These are beautiful shots.
Keep on sharing the beautiful captures for the world to cherish.

this shot is very beautiful.

Very fine pictures

wow,,amazing photography,,,i hope you will be win in picture challenge day..wish you all the best

I will try to join.Hoping to Inspire you fellow @steemians of my photos

Really great pics @ankitt your pic makes me want to go camping right now!! All of these pics inspire me to go start taking more pics.

Beautiful pictures, Definitely Deserving!


Wow amezing,,, very good, how about use photorgrpy.... I want study use photogrpy.... Can help me brother...... I want study from you


There are plenty of resources online to study photography bro, Try this.


This look amazing

I like so much first place picture :))

Thank you @timsaid for the honorable mention, next time i will do better 😉😃

The beauty of photographing the scenery

More Steemians, more entries and more good pictures!

Congrats @ankitt Fantastic pic!!

Congratulations @timsaid, this post is the forth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 384 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $12226.66. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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That is a great way to bring forward talented steemians. Excellent initiation.

a very good post, please follow me

Wow! exciting contest! and a good prize! So sad i don't have a good camera to join...

wow that is cool....

Amazing photos. Love the first and third pics.

  ·  4년 전

I love that contest, man.
I always find something cool to snatch and put as a wallpaper!))
Competitions like that help people to find someone with similar interests.
Hows your math? :D

This is can be fun. something very loss if passed.
Thx @timsaid

Great contest and some beautiful photo's competing.
If possible i would like to try my cartoon art style on some of them them.

You can check my blog for some other examples i did for fellow Steemians.

Congratulation to all the winners. There photos are all brilliant.

Wow its really great

Really wonderful!
You are quite skilled in photography!
Good and perfect shot! Best of luck with your photography man!

Beautyfull photography......


Thanks for @timsaid
I am very proud to be present and selected in this event.

Regards @zianmustaqin

Thanks for this...I will have to get creative, judging by those beautiful photos! Way to bring out the "artist" in us all. I look forward to entering and seeing the other entries.

very nice photoo:)))

Ohhh amazing thought about these snaps
Keep it up

Hey friends, I follow you and upvote 100% .. please mutually Upvote and Comment the Post. Help me grow in the world 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Congratulations to all the winners you all deserve it

woww nice !

Beautiful shots!!!

Fascinating! Incredible and inspiring as always :-))


I need a man who can give me love

wow nice like a painting sir..different colours add beauty to it :)
very colourful..i totally agree with you..nature is the best artis...

@timsaid I'm very interested in the contest so how I can be a part of it please tell me which way I can do it

I have great interest in photography but don't know how to become a part of the contest. If you guys can guide me them I'm will be able to do so and able to showcase my talent in front of you guys


Amazing shots the first one is so professional ::)

Great picture, how you inspirations?

I love the first place! :-)

Congratulations @timsaid!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 384,46

Wow these photographs are phenomenal. I always admire people with such talent. I am an amateur photographer myself. I love the idea of capturing a moment and sharing that moment with others. I fear, however, that I do no have the skill to capture the moment in a way that will allow the rest of the world to interpret a certain message or feeling. This is why I often feel shy to broadcast my photographs. I want people to feel how I feel when I look at really great photography, in awe and amazed. These photos have absolutely achieved this objective and I only hope that my photos will someday do the same.

I see your all photo.your photos are most beautiful for me.i like your photo & your photography. and congrats!!!

OMG the photos are absoulutely awesome @timsaid thanks a lot look forward your next post

Awesome!!!🍻🎉✨ congrats to everyone ( @ankitt @zianmustakin @anthonywong @syndicateframes @alequandro @erickaua @smawkward ) you all did great guys 🖒🖒.

To @timsaid thanks a lot buddy for another successful #mypictureday! Really happy to be among the winners. Please keep it up, it's a good encouragement to do photography. I do agree, more & more incredible entries are joining in.

Have a great day everyone!

wow very nice post and great picture also.............!! i like this post i will Waite more post related this
thank you

Fantastic Work! congrats to all!!

Omg the first picture looks like a way to get to the moon! so In love with your work nice job <3

Great captures!

que fotos tan espectaculares. :)

Thanks @timsaid for the contest! :)
Wow! Beautiful shots! Congratulation to the winners @ankitt @zianmustaqin @anthonywong @funtraveller. You are awesome photographers guys. There is a lot I/we can learn from you :). I can't even compete with you but just glad I took part in this contest (for the first time) and made myself a great motivational photography day. Its a great opportunity to practice.

Pretty cool.!

Among all four winners, the fourth one took my breath away. Beautifully captured! indeed beauty attracts the eye.


beautiful photos! Congrats to all winners!

Just entered my submission. Thanks for the opportunity to allow artist to showcase their work!

cool pics man

Amazing photos.!

congratulations to all winners my friends who have entered the contest and who belom win in the hope for more spirit never to be cargo

Great photos! I am hoping to join the next challenge day!

¡Son realmente hermosas, PERFECTAS! Son indescriptibles.

wow awesome picture

Wow man Amazing clicks <3

Incredible, not surprising to see most have that blue and yellow/orange colour scheme. It’s one of the most eye catching combinations

its amazing sir it very helpful for all steemers thanks for sharing it I like your all post keep it up sir @timsaid

MyPicturesDay! Submission

Mayon Volcano Eruption + Super Blue Blood Moon In Naga, Albay


wow, these pictures are lovely

My entry for #mypicturedaycontest ... my first time to join in this awesome contest ... trying my luck, beginner skills in photography 😉

Nice information and wow beautiful pictures looks like a nice place to go @timsaid

I wasn't sure if you wanted us to put our link here or not. The art contest I participate in asks us to and I noticed a couple others have posted links so I decided it would be okay. :) I am just a tiny teeny little minnow born less than a week ago and sometimes I don't get noticed. :(

Congratulations to all the winners 😊

Nice photos

Hi~, It's good job.

an amazing show about steemit talent. Congratulations to @ankitt, @zianmustaqin, @anthonywong, and @funtraveller. Your photos are beautiful.

İ am ready!

Amazing photos ! Really look into entering some contests in the future !

Hi Bro, I am one of your fellows as I like your photography related post very much. I also like photography... if you are a photo lover, you can see some of my last tour photos form the post The raw chilie market – Bangladesh. if you like, please vote and be with me by following @nayanbd666Thanks.

It is a really good submission for me, Two years ago I travelled Copenhagen and there is a wonderful flower park in this city. I took a lot of photos in here. Thank you for inspiring of sharing all these photos. :)

Hi @timsaid here is my entry, I am not a pro but I would like to join . Thank you so much..

Hello! Now we have winter


But nevertheless on the stream wild ducks winter


Photographed today on a Samsung Galaxy s5

Your post are to good and attractive <3 keep sharing :) you are amazing

nice post congrats 😁

I like your contest

MyPicturesDay! Submission



The are beautiful. Worthy winners!

Congratulatios to those who win thIS GReat Contest
@timsaid u done great job here..
and next time will participate in this content and win ......

Wow realy beautiful pictures. Since I realize what the photo is concerned that I still have much to learn, Congratulations to the winners.

Awesome post I invite you to visit our blog and enjoy our content :)

Vote back

these photos are very close to my heart. I take pictures of anything that fascinates me and these scenes were totally mind blowingly beautiful.

all these photos have been taken from Huawei P9 lite cellphone camera.
I hope you'll like them.

Here is my Entry for MyPictureDay contest week # 15

wow this is what i call awesomeness amazing this is congratulations to winners and thanks for sharing