ThroughMyLens #2 - G20 Summit (no comment)

3년 전

Welcome dear readers to a special episode of ThroughMyLens

As most of you already know, the G20 is taking place in Hamburg and there is much going on. I went to Hamburg to document the happening and will present you some photographs here. This post will be the first part of two. The photographs will be uncommented. Make your own conclusions.

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Don't miss the second part which will follow tomorrow. Feel free to resteem and leave a comment

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  ·  3년 전

So much force, do they afraid something?

That is a crazy situation to be in, I been in similar in Los Angeles, I hope no one got hurt.

very nice and profissional photos, It looks like I'm looking to a history book.

Keep it up !


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Incredible Tim, I can't even imagine being in person in that mix. But, it really shows the state of affairs in the world.

We all have different points of view on world events , political influences, human rights, environment, cultural, etc based on our own countries of origin and there are very few opportunities for them to be properly communicated. Unfortunately, the right to protest and voice those differing opinions is not always protected and emotions boil over. We put so much faith in elected officials to speak for us, but sometimes it doesn't seem like they are LISTENING to us.

Thank you for having the courage to get that close in and follow this event first-hand and share it with everyone. PLEASE be safe Tim, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but it's not worth personal harm or worse.

Your are appreciated!


"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it's not worth personal harm or worse."

True words. There were situations yesterday where I had to back off


Are you still in Hamburg, or back home now?


Still here. Going to capture the last day


ok, be safe.

Good photos, and I appreciate you taking the time to document this event.

I do have to wonder whether this protest does anything at all.

I've always considered the most effective method of protesting something is usually grounded in economics. If you can prevent something from being profitable, or better yet, starve it of the revenue it needs to perpetuate itself - that is more effective than lying down in front of traffic.

I understand the need to be vocal and express a viewpoint. That freedom is essential and I commend anyone exercising it. I just don't think it has any lasting effect longer-term.

As for the G20, hit them where it hurts -- start using crypto currencies and bypass their monetary systems. If you are a supplier, start pricing your goods in crypto and make that known to your customers.

Create end-to-end supply chains that are denominated in cryptos, not fiat currencies. That is how you start to dismantle the system of oppressive monetary policies and banking bureaucrats.

Fight the good fight, but make sure it hits where it hurts - not just for a passing visual.

  ·  3년 전

These people doing this are idiots. Its like a holiday for them, they come from all over to join in the party.


I agree. Speaking up is important, and no one should be afraid to do so. However, it seems the only thing a lot of "leaders" listen to anymore is money and how they can get more of it. I wonder if they have realized by now that people are tired if it and are finding ways to not only leave them behind, but to also cut them off from big business. I f they have figured it out, I wonder how bad their response will be. Looking at the above pictures doesn't paint a good image of what is to come.


wow mad post , sure none of the protesting that will hit the news worldwide


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Wow, be safe- it looks pretty tense there- I got caught up in a riot between local ethnic gangs and soldiers during East Timors unrest about 10 years ago- was terrifying when you're in the street with nowhere to run.


Happened yesterday to me. I didn't know where to run. Looking left I saw police forces with shields and pepper spray looking to the right i saw people covered in black throwing stones. Need to be careful

· about boots on the streets. Thanks for taking the risk and sharing this with us. Good luck today.

Wow! You in Hamburg for G20 Summit!

The place is beautiful but what security cops are doing is really thinkable. There is fire of protest or something I guess.

Hope the G20 Summit ends peacefully.

Thanks for your #ThroughMyLens series. Great work. :)


Love following guys like @timsaid because i tend to learn whats going on around the world. Nice work and great pictures


Yes I am in Hamburg to capture these scenes. Yesterdays wasn't peaceful at all. Hope today will be better


Best wishes to the people there.

  ·  3년 전

Those people showed up to be abused and get on television.

Time to short plywood ... After the G20 ... its all going down, down, down.

amazing work brother :D

Wow, really powerful shots!

The intensity of the pics speaks for itself...I hope no serious injuries occurred .The crowd is enormous though don't you think?

Nice shots !

Nice photos. G20 leaders need to pull themselves together and start adressing the matters that affect the most of the population and not a large capital. This Syrian crysis is starting to look like: panem et circensis for the common people of Europe and the USA. Showing millitary power and stuff while we are entering another cold war.

At this G20 event held in Germany must be attended by leaders of developed countries, of course and certainly the level of security is done very tight, there is no access for people who are not interested.becaus e german country must keep the G20 country leaders'
Firm action by security officers is one example of the alertness of the authorities to protect the meeting.
Germany is a beautiful and prosperous country very suitable for big meetings like the G20.
So my conclusion.

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Thank you for sharing this pictures i wont to be there too but it was impossible for me to come because of my work.
So thank you for sharing

Greez bluchr

It must be insane actually being there. I saw all the videos online and it looks pretty intense.


Yes it was pretty crazy to be in middle of the happening

@timsaid a very good post indeed from you as always. It is always good to protest (peacefully) however I dont support those bad eggs that turn a city into war zone and spoil the good intention of others. They attacked police and burn cars , and later start blaming police for being hash. The politicians do not even care or notice them as its business as usual for them... Upvoted and thanks for your post

Friedliche Grüße aus Frankfurt

Most violent G20 ever.
The protesters are mostly to blame; they were supposed to have a pacific protest, yet they loot stores and destroy property.
What a shame, I never thought german citizens to be like this.
Thanks for posting by the way.


A lot of these "protesters" were not German, they came from all over the world.
Before the summit there were already calls to attend and disrupt it at whatever cost. is a fine example of these terrorists.

Wow, great documentary work Tim!

Edit: On my second viewing I noticed the box where you got Trump's profile through the limousine window. It could use an outline to highlight it. Nice capture!

you have got very good hands on your lenz... very attractive photography.


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real battlezone

Please be safe.

Wonderful way of showing us your story, it is so wonderful to see your picture story.

You did a great job my friend!!! Taking these many photos and documenting them is not an easy task. I'm a photographer and I know the effort. Also, I hope you and every one out there are fine. Take care my friend.

Thanks for sharing these pictures.

Illustrative photos, it is a pity for what's going on there.

  ·  3년 전

such a peaceful event


yes such a peaceful fire, lol so sad how anarchists have to set fires on german streets, its all for show, germany is such a well oiled machine! i wish we had the order of germanY! germany will have no problem handling migrant crisis, they can afford to give the entir eplanet welfare LOL german people are strong! they will teach the Muslim Refugee populations how to
#1 respect women,
#2 how to not hate jews (its illegal to hate jews in germany for example)
#3. How to not be Warlike

But its like teaching someone who is mentally retarded how to do calculus...if anyone can do it, the Germans can!
they must be contained in regions hahah sorry its harsh but its true! germans have Jobs to contain them, It boosts their security and intelligent jobs (to watch over all these potential ISIS terrosists they just let in,) but look th4e Germans believe they can actually de program radicalized jihadis which is very noble of them!

I see a real chance at world peace! All we need to do is take care of North Korea and the Middle East and we are good!

I see Muslims have having a real chance for a Reform!

Islam alreeady has a global caliphate and they will learn to not try and conuer the planet haha its gonna be ok tho! we will find a solutionfor world peace within the decade

  ·  3년 전

such a peaceful violent protest ! World peace will come tommorrow ! :)

Schönes Zeitdokument... resteemed.

picture with long story inside, very professional on how you choose the suitable angle. let's me reblog this one

i hope no one gets hurt, it is sad to see people's cars and proprietie gets burned and stuff :/

They are protestant? but this is very peaceful unlike here in the Philippines :(


Later it turned nasty and police had to deploy special forces

When this happens in my country they all freak out about how un-european protests are.

Paris agreement just failed. Terrible.

  ·  3년 전

But why no one brings Pepsi to each other? :(


Lipton Icetea?

  ·  3년 전

Not a bad choice either lol

This is really a situation that can be dangerous if not handled properly. The police should be able to control the situation but not by force. Hope no one is hurt.

Breathtaking. Keep documenting this. It is important, this is what helps change the world.

Such an incredible photos here.


I appreciate, thanks

Good story you that you share
but be careful for your safety.
Please follow me @patricksanlin and upvote. Thanks

Great photos, can you get some that show the signs. And please stay safe.

Is that man blocking the police trunk?
If he is, you can feel the of the Tank Man in Tiananmen square.

Powerful photos indeed.

Your photos are very good, I am very very with your photos, follow and vote me @ardifitra

be safe everyone !!!!

Ahhh pictures that's worth a thousand words. You did a great job capturing those picturesz

Powerful shots! be safe man!

Very nice post great work

Nice post. I want to attend the G20 meeting. But I have not yet been president or aides. But I am proud because our president jokowidodo became the keynote speaker this year. Thank you for posting your friend.

Power brokers of the world unite. These guys decide on world issues and topics. The "elites. " Powerful people. Protesters growing. Hey, it's still a free world, isn't it ?

Well done.
Waiting for part 2 👍🏻

No comment indeed

I like your picture

We hope The Germani Society will be well.

very ver sad it just shows the direction were all being without our intent so dissapointed in life right now

Amazing photos, that police truck looks like a transformer. Sucks though that people have to get hurt just for the cause, both civilians and police.

Wow I heard about the protests but didn't know you were there :O.

Respect for doing this, needs guts to take pictures in situations like these, thanks for showing us what you experienced these days, just take care because pictures are not worth if you get injured in the process:(.

Nice work @timsaid please visit my steem page. I have some posts related to photographer please tell me if you like them :)

Woow amazing....wonderful post...
I like this post.
Follow me @nafazul

Thank you for the photos!
Will be waiting for part 2 tomorrow.

Amazing work and great shots :D

Congratulations! Upvote and resteem :)

Thank you for sharing. It looks violent situation, but at the same time, I can see the people have intense aspirations toward peaceful world through your great pictures.

The prophets of the Prophets had said, at the end of the world to doom, where there was bloodshed, both fellow tribes and fellow nationals, and interfaith. So the prophets' predictions had now arrived, all over the world all in slaughter from children to The weak. Now the world is occupied by colonialist colonialists. Now the weaker are getting colonized by the strong rather than helping each other. Its core now we keep ourselves and our families respectively from the various tricks of this world. Always patient and strong is our faith to god ..

Amazing pics! So many armored security personnel. I kinda feel good looking at them, a kind of feeling of security and pride. And wow, there was an Optimus Prime looking Police truck also!

Some incredible photographs, I heard about this, alot of people I know were there on the streets but I wish I was there with them. Anyway nice photographs from your perspective.

Great pictures @timsaid !!

Thanks for sharing with us all...

I could feel the tension in the air straightaway, and the last ones are a little sad

Stand up for your ideals people, don´t be scared of the government.

Speak out!! Somebody has to do it!

@timsaid. Awesome photos 😊👍

this is amazing photography

Amazing Photos! Did the ladybug survive?
Will be waiting for part 2 tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

Woah it got really out of hand at one point. So many police too. Awesome photos thou!

The photos clicked by you are outstanding specially two person hand closeup :)
Outstanding work, good going

Good picture but I wont call it the best.i guess these are not processed ? but I like the sequencing trying to convey the story ..make a video of pictures with music..that way it will be even better


my upvote was worth 30 dollars?? how come :) have no idea how they determine this

Love the photos. Not something I would see elsewhere

I'm sure it's not just me who likes it. Thank you already share. If there is a chance you, I want also you visit my post. Hope you like and like it. I am very grateful..

What a beautiful city Hamburg!

great coverage...nice photos .. thanks for sharing

Wow, you show us everything. Some epic pictures. Thanks a lot. It' s good to be a Steemians.

Be safe you and the ladybug

Incredible photos. I hope everything went alright with you.

That's some crazy sh*t going down!

fallow me ¡¡¡¡ like in my post....

I am from Hambug as well. I hope part 2 has all the fires and fighting that happened on friday and saturday though, cause shit went down son! Be safe though. ^^

Pictures speak volumes. Thank you for sharing such an intimate perspective.

Great post and great pics! Thank you for sharing and be safe. Looking forward for the ones from tomorrow.
While looking at the pictures I cannot help but asking myself what in God's name are those people trying to achieve by these protests, and why is it that police is the one taking all the crap from them.
So-called peaceful protesters always seem, by means of mechanisms they themselves cannot explain, turn violent for no obvious reason, And while their protest is aimed against whatever, it ends up hurting police officers.
It has to be the psychology of masses, plus the frustration that they cannot reach what or who they are protesting against, plus a series of other reasons.
Moreover, even though it is of public knowledge and repeatedly proven that the ones they are protesting against - and their policies alike - cannot care less about the protests and the protesters, these guys keep on turning their violence against the police. It is like the German police (in Hamburg at least) is withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement or something.
Otherwise, most of these protesters would be qualified as intelectuals, if taken individually...

Proud of you mate

  ·  3년 전

Incredible pics @timsaid ! It's really crazy to see how the same problems are still f******g up our society :(

Thx for your effort making us see what u see!

Awalys producing great images of all your posts i enjoy these types of photos @timsaid for this post this one of all caught my attention. what Camera do you use for your photos?



Nikon D750



Nice post,beautiful pictures

Strong pictures and show the tension live in G20

Great pics as always! It's crazy/awesome you were able to get a first-hand look into G20 :)


Thanks bro! Was quite a challenge since there were stones and bottles flying. Both sides were under tension so you better back off or you camera will get wrecked lol

That is looking scary , public colliding with sesurity.

God Damn! Looks scary being there and witnessing all this.. Stay safe mate.

Absolutely crazy. Reminds me of the London Riots a few years ago!

It's unfortunate to see the disrespect that people have for their surroundings. It's one thing to peacefully protest, but to set things on fire and destroy property? That's a RIOT. They need to be held accountable for their actions, and the sooner that happens, the sooner we can see this BS stop. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.


I took a picture of you on the car :P


Hope there wouldn't be a tramped in the next section.

Great photos @timsaid. Looking forward for more, maybe a video would be nice too. Peace and be safe

Very courageous of you to get so close to the action. Do you know the meaning of the teddy bears? Do take care and thanks for sharing.

Protest everything... even if you don't know what you're protesting...

@timsaid first let me thank you for being on the podcast today.. you explain things going on in Steemit in a way I can understand and that is saying a lot on your behalf. I am thinking of doing a post about the call tomorrow. Thanks again. I left before they break was over.

I saw your post and thought do I really want to look at these photos.. I am so happy I did.. the FAKE news here did not show the peaceful protestors..only the fires.. I watched briefly...They even showed a commentator talking about how the people are talking away the legacy of peaceful protest.

Next week they are taking our cable out at our request... I no longer want to be bombarded with whatever they are trying to program the public with.

Todos deseamos que lleguen a acuerdos y que de verdad se cumplan pero la realidad es que poco esta a su alcance..!! Gracias por las fotos, muy buenas..!! From Venezuela by @gaborey07

Wow @timsaid!!! Wow! That is a very expensive and expansive looking fleet of armored transports.

I have been in many natural disasters