TimTravels - A Private Boat Tour - Part 1

3년 전

Hello and welcome to a new episode to TimTravels my Steemian friends!

Two more days and I will leave Greece, unfortunately. Although Crete is a very big island and I am sure I haven't seen all, I needed to try something new, something I haven't done before.
I wanted to a rent a boat!
So I looked out for a good boat and found a perfect skipper as well. A very nice guy who was experienced and had a good music taste. He told me that he is a lifeguard as well, so there was nothing to worry.

From this day on I knew I want a boat and have to get a license as soon as possible. I also drove few hours with the boat and it was such a fun.

It was quite funny that the name of the boat is Dolphin. Had to think of all the minnows, dolphins and whales on Steemit. What are you?

We left the harbor with an insane speed of 35 knots which is really fast when you are on water. It wasn't even the maximum speed though.

Seems as if they enjoy their ride. The great thing about the sea is that you don't have any tourists or crowds. Far and wide you nothing but water and nature. That's what I need these days to relax.

We came to a little island which was listed as a nature reserve for the preservation of endangered animals. It was an amazing view and I even got some shots of animals from a safe distance. We didn't want to disturb them.

We had a little break here and went diving. Many fish and corals awaited us but also lots of jellyfishes. I really don't like these...

I took more than 800 pictures on this trip and had a hard time deciding what pictures to post. I decided to split this post into two since it would be an overkill to upload too many photography in one post.

The second part of this post will follow tomorrow. There we will see some shots during an amazing sun set which was breathtaking. What name would you suggest for my boat? The best name will win 10 Steem! So be creative and tell us how you came up with the name.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of TimTravels and leave comment. Tell us what you love about traveling and get a shoutout in the next episode of TimTravels!
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TimTravel a good documented tour. From his writeup he explain those nature with clear pictures and explanations. Tim you are good in writing and also a good reporter if I may say .


Me too! I am in love with this pics! Moreover the guys is enjoying his life to the fullest!


Wow!! This is beautiful! Cruising around Crete is exactly what heaven looks like. I LOVE the blue sky shot with the boat, the skipper, your lady and your SteemFest wristband too!!

And, TimTravels should be the name of your boat @timsaid!!


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I've traveled to the boat yesterday


Nice pics. I liked how you played with the sun to create that light effect included in the pic. Since you asked for boat names, I went all the way to your introduceyourself post.. to see if there was something there!

All i could find was a broken camera story 😊 ( Unfortunately, I know that feeling.)Maybe that story was the turning point for you! Maybe the boat name shall come from that! Enjoy your last days in Crete.. looking forward to the second part!


This is very exciting
Keep up my friend


Yo tambien opino lo mismo de como enfoco la camara para hacer esos efectos con el sol, tambien espero la segunda parte!


Steem dreams is a good name for the boat. How about steemy dreamy, that way you'll also remember the steam coming up off the rocks, and so on, create a great conversation starter, and also remember your creations that financed it.


what a shit


Ship me one pretty please ? :)


Product placement haha


Haha, it seems like they are included in every post! :D


He is not the only one :) ïm curious to know how many people from last year will wear it in Lisabon, maybe Tim and me are the only survivors!

nice looking boat :)

My suggestion for your boat name is "Steem Dreams" Because I'm sure you'll be sharing those dream adventures with all your steemian followers. Have fun man.

Men, you got skillz.... @timsaid

hmm a name for you boat ... : Cryptopia because crypto make you rich enough to buy a boat :) by the way breathtaking pictures like always

"It was quite funny that the name of the boat is Dolphin. Had to think of all the minnows, dolphins and whales on Steemit. What are you?'

I'm not even minnow, more like a plankton. Maybe a sea flea. lol.

Beautiful pictures though, I love how you put close ups of that islet. Must've been an amazing experience.

"What name would you suggest for my boat? The best name will win 10 Steem! So be creative and tell us how you came up with the name."

Well, following on Walt Disney's tradition of using animorphic herbivores as superheroes (i.e. talking about Darkwing Duck or the Mighty Ducks). I'd say we follow in Disney's footsteeps while paying lipservice to the steem community -
The Darkfin Minnow

or how about -

The Mighty Minnow?


This is very exciting
Keep up my friend


Thank you! I always try to bring something into the table whether its value or humor.


May I suggest for the name of @timsaid's boat is "Upboat". I just noticed that he always amassed Upvotes whenever he posts his travels.


I like that name! And it even rhymes, nice.

i could see "STEEMFEST" wristband,haha

While taking another look at the boat. I noticed that its very sleek white, and you rented that boat in Crete. So another name I come up with is the Pearl of Crete. Plus pearls are found in aquatic environments, so they fit together.

How do you like that name?

Jealous. A couple of years ago we had rest close to Uranopolis (2 hours drive from Thessaloniki) and rented a boat. It is one the best my memories.
enter image description here


This is very exciting
Keep up my friend

Are you editing the photos with filters or something? looks amazing
Keep up the good work


In Photoshop? i would likie to know how to apply that effect, thanks for the answer

these photos I think they are from chania, right?
now its the best time to visit crete!
Looking forward for your new photos!


Yes, Chania is right!

Beautiful places! :)


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Yeah! Thank for transfering 10 steem! I didnt know I would win the contest! woot woot!

I can tell driving that boat must feel very awesome


It was amazing!

Amazing boat trip :) No clouds in the sky, perfect day ;) The photos are impressive!


Thank you ergeko. I enjoyed the Cretan islands

You had a great rest @timsaid, went on a boat, diving and the most important shot 800 shots, and the best ones shared with us, honor to you and praise :) I'm waiting to see your boat!


Tomorrow's pictures will be even better :)

Passion ti own a bike or car always comes 2nd for me as compared to passion for A Monsterous BOAT

Awesome pictures @timsaid thank you for sharing! Very inspiring!


I would say boat's name to be Tim+Utopia=Timutopia, a utopia of life itself on Tim's boat! Well captured photographs :)

I really like your hand band. great idea!

Boat trip look amazing 🐳

"This is my ship...the Nebuchadnezzar, it's a hovercraft." In The Matrix, the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar is searching for Neo, whom Morpheus believes to be The One. When they find him, he is trained and taken to see the Oracle.

That was a fun adventure! Thank you for taking us on the ride of a lifetime! I'm going to have to go boating now... You have convinced me!

Name for the boat: Nautical Adventurer

I did enjoy reading your trip story and checking out the pictures you took :)

Very nice...... Have a nice trips.


Nice one :)

wow... !!!! very beautiful nature !!!

Amazing pics, Crete is a place I have always wanted to go, maybe on my 2018 tour stop haha! Nice wrist bands too Tim!

Breathtaking views of sea & sky. Both Sea & Sky are Blue. I must say you have taken some incredible pictures and by the way taking 800+ pictures is not a matter of joke, buddy.

Coming to suggesting the name for your boat, I think the ideal name of the boat would be "Blued". I got this name because it's all blue. Blue is the sky and so is the water. it becomes "Blue everywhere. I think simple and short. I hope u like this @timsaid

great shots!

One of the best posts ive had the pleasure to read on SteemIt. The way you took the pics, made the reader feel he/she was actually sitting on the boat with you! I could almost feel a cold beer in my hand...

TimTravels really was a fantastic tour I wished I would travel with you
I liked the surf ride with the boat

Common Tim, you never rented a boat before? ;D Since we are sharing, I wanted to let everybody know that I have never been on a boat o_o

Awesome shots , Tim .
Do you regularly travel with 2 women or was it just this time? ^_^

I have been to Greece this year, attended a wedding in a sick stone village somewhere in the mountains (Ano pedina) and then to Parga.
You should check Parga out, it's an amazing place (my blog will follow) .
It's very similar to Italy's Capri.


The blonde is my girlfriend and we just met the other one on Crete. Was just the day we spent together. I will check it out

Crete is a great place, I love the Greek island's!
I am in Corfu at the moment and sadly flying back to London tonight, but I have had a great 3 weeks.
The places I have been to and the food has been great, especially the seafood 👌
Anyway enjoy your last few days.

That's a wonderful experience I bet... For the name of the boat I suggest- "UpBoat"

Hey Tim, did I actually win the boat naming contest? I noticed the transfer. Thanks man

wow, a very beautiful place, amazing, with rocky coral, amid the blue sea, beautiful life you can enjoy the natural beauty of the original, I hope one day can walk like you, the world, that's my dream. amen.
Thank @timsaid. With your post,I can see other world.


How are you? @timsaid, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @follow10000 Have a great time @follow10000

Looks Awesome Tim. That lighthouse looks like it came right off a post card.

Wow! 429$ in just 19hours? is that real? this motivates me to buy new camera :D :D :D

Photos looks amazing, very good work! Follow, vote.

oh wow... nicw to see ur post.... hope to see more.....

Amazing pictures!! Thank you for share this amazing post!! follow me!! upvote and resteem! Best regards!

Chania (Xavia ) Really nice place. I was there when I was kid so I don't remember everything but I remember that lighthouse .

awesome sharing and images

hello wonderfull loooks great i woud love to travel in this boat :D
im travelling since more than 4 years the world in my vw combi t2

support my reply plsss...up up up!!!

The name for your boat : Cleopatra, I choose this name because she could make you fall in your first try 😆

I know how fun to travel using boat, but in my case... I used a traditional boat, in a rainy and windy day, some of my friends scare to the death, but it fun, especially when you can see island from your boat, the scenery really breathtaking.
I love your post, you always have a bunch of nice photographs.


This is very exciting
Keep up my friend


Thank you

Wow, what a life! I wish I would live that this. The photos are amazing! Can't wait for your next post!

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This is very exciting
Keep up my friend

u did lot's of fun there, but let me tell you one thing that not only i, even others believe that this one have really more fun than you. so have a single look below buddy. enjoyed by riding on a train.


@timsaid , I really love your works, very clean photos. Thumbs up brother. I am new here tho. Not really so familiar with how it works here. Would love you to guide me through. I am actually a Nigerian based phographer. Please I need followers

Wow @timsaid, I felt like i traveled with you while reading your post...
Beautiful photos... Well if I were you, I'd name my boat "Dugout Express" :)
Upvoted & Followed you!!

Nice travel you have style

Thanks for posting more pictures of my home.
Boat name: steemboat

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All people can drive it , or did you make some specific training for drive a boat?


I has a Skipper who drove it. He allowed it me. It's like a car

@timsaid i have a poem for you to share hope you like it..https://steemit.com/poetry/@mrblu/poem-the-power-of-illusion

lovely pics as always

For real... I am earnestly waiting for the second part of this post... Any way... Nice photography... I might be tempted to join you on your next trip

800 clicks, wow, what can this be called time of pleasure, time @ work. Awesome clicks!!

Nice pic series. Great boat @timsaid!

Amazing post and breathtaking pictures! I followed you :)
Keep sharing the adventures !

hope to visit some day, dream vacation for sure

Thanks for sharing : )

Fantastic pictures Tim. Seems to be a lot of fun such boat trip. I friend of mine is living on the island Kos. He told me a lot about Greece and his islands. Have you already been in Kos?

Have fun,

Awesome travel blogs Tim! You are inspiring me to better quality content as I tired in my latest Travel Blog

I love the feeling of travelling. The new place, the exploring, the cultures.

Wow, Amazing Place <3

stopover also in my account @daiiat, many poems that I was post that you might like.

That's a nice ⛵ you must have enjoyed your trip.

Upvoted! love your pictures looks like a super nice day, like the bracelet with Steemfest on it.
Cant make it, love travelling and traveled for four years, now back in Amsterdam thinking about my next move.
Keep your blogs comming, wil keep an eye out.

Name for the ship:
Ship Faced


How did you like the boats name?

on a more serious note just posted for Sint Maarten hurricane relief, to help. please take a look
Even Asked my good friend @theywillkillyou who you to resteem to create more attention



the pictures almost put you there . Thanks for the great post.

  ·  3년 전

Nice posting..

wow what a cool experience it would be so good to see those exquisite shots

Wow this must have been one amazing trip for you tim. Amazing.
great pictures. Thank you so much for this post.

Looks beautiful! Look forward to more great pictures and stories from you in the future.

That was a fantastic log of your journey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it as well as seeing the pictures!

Awesome pics! Glad no jellyfish got you!

  ·  3년 전

Thx for the super pics , sven

  ·  3년 전

Next time bring a fishing pole. This is the best thing to have on the water.

@timsaid better go to athena and shoot some photos there

Wow! You make me remember last summer in Mauritius, when we went to the beach in the morning to see dolphins, they was swimming very fast and jumping , it was unforgettable journey we passed it there.

Nice puctures👍

Photos are insane! Do you really need a proper boating license though, even for that dinghy? When exactly do you need one, I've always wondered?

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You don't say...I also never thought of buying a boat before. Pretty interesting. Maybe I might start thinking along those lines, luckily I do have a license boat I obtained at work when I was still an employee. Guess I can put it to work huh?

a Like your pics thank for share

thank for sharing

Wow! It looks very awesome!!! I love that beautiful color :) Thanks for great pictures.
I'll wait for your next posting.
And, I'd like to follow you :-)

wow this is nice post i love this place

great. a good luck to get what you want. prepare for everything needs such as cooking pots and others. we are waiting for your next posting.
Have a nice day.

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I also like, What are you show c