TimTravels - Awakening

7개월 전

Welcome back my dear Steemian friends,
it has been more than four months ago that I posted on Steemit.

Actually, it has been five months when you consider the last episode of TimTravels that I have posted. I got many messages from you and I appreciate them all. I could write you down what happened, why it happened and much more but that does not change a thing. The only thing that matters is taking action - that is what I do now.

Taking action

Not going to lie to you but coming back here and writing is harder than it seems. As most of you know I am basically a Steemian from the beginning. After attending the three SteemFests (thanks to @roelandp for the great work!) I knew this is more than just a blogging page or a social media platform. It is a real social network! I made friends all over the world and connecting with different cultures opened my eyes. Time passed by and I did not post. I had it in my mind but it did not happen. More time passed and I felt bad to not share a thing with you. I thought people stopped to support me, that when I come back no one will read it. Maybe it is what will happen but that also does not matter. What matters is that I come back to my roots and try to support Steemit on my way.

A vicious cyle.

Feeling ashamed to leave without a word made it even harder to come back but then there happened something today. I went out to run. I started slowly and ended up sprinting through the forest. Sports is my kind of meditation it helps me to focus.

Today I realized I never left. Once a Steemian, always a Steemian

Over the last two years, I traveled a lot, took many pictures, prepared many posts and learned much about humans and most importantly I learned a lot about myself. We all have to find our place in this world and I think this is an ongoing process that never ends, neverending.

So, here I am, back to Steemit! Much happened, much changed and to be honest I am not anymore up to date (no wonder lol). Now it's time community sticks together and help each other! (yeah stick together by leaving, nice guy).

How can you help me? Let me know where people hang out! Are there any popular discord channels where we Steemians hang out? I want to connect with all of you. I will post consistently on Steemit. Time to show you the world again through my lens. Basically, I just want to integrate myself again and be a good friend to all of you - see you at SteemFest 4!

Since this is a Tim post...there must be at least a shot. Let's call it a little teaser for what is coming in the next few days!

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

P.s.: This week I'll fly to Milan. Anyone around? Will make some great shots there for few new episodes of TimTravels. What about TimEats?

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Great! Welcome! You have my support! @timsaid Regards!!!!

Hey @tim, good to know that you are well and even better that you are back.
Sometimes, everybody need a break for whatever reason.

I'm looking forward to see more travel stories and more drone videos and more @tim

Anyway, here is a !BEER for you to spend additional motivation.

Welcome back! I remember enjoying some of your travel tales a while back, although I can't claim to be one of the "original" Steemians... but I do get the thing about "not being able to leave." I think we become part of "something" here... and it just ends up staying with us, even when we're not really "here."


Welcome back ! I think you are right about once a steemian always a steemian.... aaah! I got bitten by the Steemit bug a year ago and I am still here ....rooted, entranced, swimming, smiling in the thick of the energy of steemian friends and activities :D

As for discord, I hang out at the Steem Artists' discord, usually. It's not a fast moving server but it is active enough, which makes it neat to keep up with :D

Also, if you are a gamer, the @archdruid community is very friendly and fab to hang out with :D

Really nice shot, by the way.... I keep looking at the whole picture and my eyes keep thinking that the light from the painting spills literally out into the gallery .... What a wonderful optical illusion! I think the way you compose the framing is magical <3 <3 <3

We’re glad to see you again, you said something that got to me;

Today I realized I never left. Once a Steemian, always a Steemian..

That’s the truth about steemians. Please we assure you of our absolute support, both in reading your lovely posts and otherwise. Welcome back @timsaid.

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Great to see you back Tim, i hope, you didnt look 4 month on a single picture, like the man did ;-) Nice to see your post again here

Welcome back! Awesome shot btw :)

Sometimes Photography gives us a deeper feeling, sometimes it talks to people, Sometimes Photography makes people poet. Actually, your photography is just stunning and gives me special feeling. I am really happy being a part of your fan Club.

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welcome back.


Thanks for the welcome! Feels great to be here. Are there any discord groups you can recommend to communicate with fellow Steemians?


not really ;( sorry, i'm sure others will jump in and provide some however! :)


Come to OCD, we're growing drastically. ;)

Welcome back

Welcome back.

I also left and came back after 7 months, can understand your feelings totally. :)

And there are so many new discords literally, the old discords are not that popular except a few.
What is your discord name? I will send you the invites.

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Let me know if you're in the Netherlands - I'm planning some meet-ups over there and you'd be invited :-) Enjoy your renewed Steem adventure! SteemFest was awesome and I hope we'll meet there or somewhere else next time. Cheers.

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