TimTravels - Little India, Singapore


Welcome back my dear Steemian friends to another exciting episode of TimTravels!

As promised I headed towards Asia and we just arrived today in Singapore. The next two days I will be busy exploring Singapore and taking many pictures. Today's start was in Little India, a vibrant district in Singapore. You will find many traditional eateries, a huge Hindu temple, exotic spice shops, colorful flower garland vendors and much more!

I must admit that I am addicted to Indian food, especially spicy curries. Needless to say that I feel good here. Tomorrow we will see the Marina Bay, the famous Marina Bay Sands Skypark, the Garden and the Infinity pool. Afterwards it will be time to move to Chinatown in Singapore.

However, the real adventure will begin after Singapore, in Borneo...

More on that later

It's time to have a look at Little India!
vibrant district. Find traditional eateries, Hindu temples, spice shops, flower garland vendors and more.

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

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Everything is great. Amazing

Like always beautiful captures 😍

  ·  작년

Welcome to Singapore.
That looks pretty recent.

See you soon in Sabah brother

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My brother goes to Singapore so this was helpful to give him some hints. Keep it up!