TimTravels - Singapore, Green City Part 1


Welcome back my Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

As promised I am back with a lot of new content and exciting stories! But first things first, can you believe that next week the third SteemFest will happen? I am so excited to be there again. After Amsterdam and Lisbon it's time for Kraków. I can't wait to meet all the Steemians again and have a great time. I hope you will be there as well my Steemian friend!

In today's post you will have some shots of Singapore, a city which aims to be the worlds greenest city. What do you think, do they have the chance to be THE green city? Hopefully you will be able to answer this question after the next few posts. In this first part you will see some shots of the city center.

The first thing that came to my attention was: wow it's pretty green here! They have many buildings on which you will find flowers and trees, they have huge gardens and I didn't find any trash on the streets. Impressive. I have to admit that during my stay in Singapore I felt very safe and that it was incredibly clean.

See you tomorrow with part II! Steem on,

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Yes, good in addition Singapore is a beautiful country (imagine a country where Villetaneuse would be a model of urban development / architecture), the rest are almost only "malls" (think Halles 1000 power, but everywhere),

and to top it all people are known for their heat (that of the smartphone that heats up to be over-regime).
A paradise :)

The images look impressive and beautiful. All so colorful!Look at that honeycomb shaped building! It's so beautiful. A country that is clean and that is attentive to nature, is a country that is thinking of its citizens. I wish other countries would follow this example and can see that technological progress has nothing to do with pollution nor is it an enemy of the planet. Excellent photographs, @timsaid. Thank you for sharing

  ·  작년

Beautiful country Singapore.

An amazing journey and great photos! Thank you @timsaid

  ·  작년

Oh you were here. Should have do a catch-up session witb local steemians although there is not too many of them here. Yeah "clean" and "safe" could be the biggest two words people used to describe this land. Have a great day man.

  ·  작년

All so familiar to me. :-)

Wao what a wonderful phhorography.Always wait for your tim travels.Very wonderful tress.Very beautiful market.Very attractive clicks.Singapore is most beautiful country in the world.I m so enjoying your traval.Thanks for sharing.

Singapore is dream city.