TimTravels - Sunny Days in Amsterdam Part 2


Welcome back my Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

Where do I start? Next week I will pass my last exam for this half of the year and I will have three months time to travel. You might guess what that means. Tim will travel more and show us the world through his lens?
Absolutely right!

Being busy with life leaves you sometimes behind and thus I was not "full steem". But if there is one thing I learned in the last two years is that the community and all Steemians always welcome me with a warm hug. And as a symbol of unity I still wear both my SteemFest wristbands, the one from Amsterdam 2016 and the other from Lisbon 2017. Guess there is only one other Steemian who followed me doing this, right @gargon?

Once you went full Steemian there is no way back I guess? So here I am with another episode of TimTravels which takes us back to the roots. I felt like it was time to see Amsterdam again and enjoy the beauty of this European metropolis. Most people think of drugs, the redlight districts and clouds of smoke when thinking of Amsterdam. But there is much more that makes this city unique.

Amsterdam is unique due to its architecture, the way it was built with all the canals which go through the city like arteries and give life to Amsterdam. People tend to seek a healthy life and thus most citizens use the bicycle and don't even own a car. It's a city where you never have to feel alone. Simply go to one of the many cafes or restaurants and socialize with some peers. Or how about one of the many museums that exist throughout the city?

There is always something to see. And now I have some shots I will share with you, reflecting my recent trip to Amsterdam.

They winners of the MyPictureDay contest will be announced this Saturday! Last but not least, want travel with me? Message me at Steem.chat, Discord or info@thetimsaid.com. I am currently planing where to go next and if you got any ideas let me know.

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

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Hi Tim, I've started reading ur posts for the past couple of days. As I am new on steemit, your account is one of the few accounts whose posts I really like to go through. Also, Pictures in your posts are just amazing.

Three months is a plenty of time for traveling but I must say some places are too beautiful which requires a lot of time to explore them and enjoy their beauty. Your travwl series is going great and I am amazed to see such amazing photographs. The curvey street and the very nice pink and white flowers, everything is great. Thanks for sharing.

@timsaid ,

This photo is taken by yourself or someone else has pulled it because it is very good...i like it...Which camera has you used to take them in... please share your camera name👦...🌠... #timsai


All pictures are taken by me. I use a Nikon D750


1 First all pics are unbelievable... you are great photographer...I am 💯 sure... And thanks for sharing this secret info...👦...Continue your awesome photography...👷...have a nice day...👦

Welcome back after many days.Wao.this will be a splendid experience enjoying beautiful places through you.you are a brilliant photographer.

Hey @timsaid your provide to great place and your great expperience actually your post photography just a great and nice and some pink collor flower photography just a beautiful also.
And personally I like flower and I little garden in my house and your traveling days done part 2 just a great moment of the for you..

Actually traveling is my best passion and I love traveling and some time after I do to traveling that's a great moment for traveling ..

At last you provide to have place just amazing and outstanding and I will do visit this place one day..

So thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post..
Keep it up..
Best of luck..

We well come you after long time. Your all photos of this travel tip are aso nice. You always took some beautyful pics for steemit community . And being a steemians i think you joirney so awesome and very meaningful.


Thanks buddy for the warm welcome. Hope you will enjoy my next trips as well


Yes bro all people enjoy your all trips...please continue your post...with awesome photos and clicks...👦

Your pics about present travel tip isso awesome. And i wish you best of luck for other travel tip journey. The one person @gargon is following you from the start. Hope you have many follwers like that.


Gargon is not only a follower, he is a good friend and true Steemian.

Steem on!


Good. Hope you friendship always be strong.

Next week I will pass my last exam for this half of the year and I will have three months time to travel.

First of all good luck 🍀 in your exam! Three months of break is a lot. That will be a lot of traveling. I personally haven’t been to Amsterdam just yet. However, I got to know that place a bit, mostly restaurants, thanks to one of the steemiens I fallow @exyle. With that said, other than what you mantioned about Amsterdam, there are great restaurants to go to as well. All pictures are amazing. If you took them with your phone as I noticed on one of the pics (if that’s you), it’s really hard to believe.


Thanks for the kind words! None of the shots were taken with a phone but my Nikon D750.

Wish you a great day


Thanks for the kind words! None of the shots were taken with a phone but my Nikon D750.

Wish you a great day

Welcome back Tim! How are you doing?

Oh my goodness! Which plant is it? I haven't seen this before. Your photography is amazing. Keep traveling and also showing us the beauties of the world.


Not quite sure, I think it’s the japanese cherry blossom

Awesome photography. thanks for share this beautiful picture. good job.


Well done. You wrote a wonderful comment. Very well done. 😀


I thank you for the kind words


Thanks you also for reply on my comment. I wish i also comment and upvoteon your future post.

Great post @timsaid ,Nice flower picture ,I feel I should find some time to visit this place and grab the beauty ,Thanks for sharing dear,God bless you

WElcome back after a long long time @timsaid, GAld to see you again. how you doing? you tour is always amazing for us, we always enjoy watching wonderful places you share in your travels. I love #timtravels.


Thanks my friends! I am happy to hear this and also let you know there is a lot that will come soon!


your always welcome, we all are waiting for appics release, when they are launching ?

Did you leave Amsterdam already? Other I am going you the same advice as that I gave @iliasdiamantis when he went to Amsterdam. Go to the foodhallen,....you wont regret it for a nice evening

Amsterdam is on my list of cities I want to visit before I die. Thanks for sharing such an amazing shot!

One of my favorite cities in the world!

  ·  작년

Hey @timsaid, traveling round within 3month is really an exciting adventure to refresh and have lots of fun.
Enjoy your #holiday to the fullest

Amsterdam reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars. ;) Beautiful pics! Wish to go there someday.

Amsterdam reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars. ;) Beautiful pics! Wish to go there someday.

The pictures and your post is amazing..followed you..
new hear so trying to learn things...

Definitely a wonderful place that I would like to visit. I will wait for your next publications.

  ·  작년

Stunning as always brooo... Allah ak bar !

Welcome to My Friend Tim
Your journey was very good And the picture taken by the journey is also very beautiful The beauty of the picture is showing your good journey