TimTravels - Sunny Days in Amsterdam Part 3


Welcome back my dear Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

In two weeks I am about to leave to Malaysia and I can't wait to experience new exciting adventures; but most importantly I can't wait to share them with you my Steemians!

In today's post, we will continue to explore the unique and vibrant city of Amsterdam. If you have missed the first and second episode of "Sunny days in Amsterdam", now it's the time to catch up. Furthermore, I want to let you know that the MyPictureSunday photography contest will start again beginning this Sunday. A seperate announcement is about to follow in the next days. But not only that! You might have noticed that I wasn't very active on Steemit for the last weeks.

However, otherwise I wouldn't be Tim, I was constantly traveling and took many pictures. Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal, France...the list goes on. I have a lot of content that just waits to be released exclusivly on Steemit.

Enjoy the pictures of Amsterdam!

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

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They are so very beautiful. I am in Awe. Great share.


Thanks for the kind words!

Amsterdam is very progressive. Nice photos.

Nice trip and photos. Did you go to Red Light District? xd
I was wondering the pics where is taken here.


Me? Redlight district? ME?! Noo, never! Well, maybe...


Waiting on that nsfw post Tim

  ·  작년

"It's so nice, you gotta post it twice"

Hope you enjoyed your stay @ Amsterdam!

all photos looks magical ...enjoy👍

You are a good photographer..beautiful selection of photographs.


Thanks buddy, always great to hear positive feedback

A very nice place to visit. Amazing photos totally adoreable. Love you @timsaid your post is a treat for my eyes. Thank you for this treat.


Hope that my next shots will be some eyecandy aswell

You are so enjoying your trip,Really such a wonderful experience,I also enjoying your fabulous photography,All pictures looks so beautiful,Amazing travel,thanks for sharing,

I like the pictures you take beautifully and I wish I could go to the places in this picture. And I will definitely go to this place to thank you very much.

Awesome! Don 't forget to visit Rotterdam too!!

Wow, apparently you had a great time! The people, the music, the city! That detail of bringing us a strange flower, unique, colorful, like Amsterdam! stands out before all the photos. Who makes life in Amsterdam are the people. Thanks for sharing!

I love your stolen shots, dear 💖

I fall in love with Amsterdam to see these photos. You have the best choice in photography.

  ·  작년

@timsaid it's such a nice place to hangout. Thank Tim to share such a beautiful photos

Amsterdam is my favourite ever place, so chilled and absolutely beautiful. People are generally friendly, and healthy too! I'd love to live there.

Some great views there, @timsaid!

We had the good fortune to visit Amsterdam a few years back, and actually stayed in a private house/apartment by one of the canals; loved how you could pretty much walk to everything! Your photos bring back some nice memories, thanks!


Ah.. amsterdam did you visit the ajax amsterdam stadium? i always wanted to see that stadium

beautiful amsterdam, like this picture in Amsterdam. follow me newbe account, share my picture this my make

You are really doing well and you are also reading good photos.
Well, I need help from you, do you need to post my posts if I feel better, do not do it. Thanyou.

beautiful amsterdam, like this picture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautiful city

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  ·  작년

Omg! Amsterdam <3 Such a beautiful place. I've it in my dream destinations list. Hope I will start my world travel journey soon :)

Btw those pictures are way beautiful. Looking forward for your Malaysian tour. Bon Voyage!

  ·  작년

Great pictures of a great city! Did you happen to pass by Belgium too while you were so close?

All photos given by you are very beautiful. Best of luck for your next travel.

I love excellent photos

Nice pictures Tim. Amsterdam is one of my favourite places. I've visited it twice and enjoyed my stay both times. Cool people, nice parks, good weed. Overall awesome city

  ·  작년

Awesome photos! How do you like Amsterdam??

it is very beautiful! enjoy traveling

That is why we are the followers of TIM ;)

To get exclusive images from your travel and to be a part of it :)

While they do really look awesome shots and liked the part where people were looking the images on the papers ;)

The chess game was well quite cool ;)

Will sure be looking forward for your next adventures ;)

The first photo where you take photo of Amsterdam with your smartphone really caught my attention. I think it's a great photo.

Steem on!
I like the way you are traveling the World and you are exploring new areas, I know you have gathered a lot of data to share with us, Can't wait to see it.

  ·  작년

oh great. I have to visit here one day. Tim, this is a perfect post. You've always been backed up with great pictures. and offer a visual feast. I'm having a lot of fun watching this sharing. I congratulate you! successful expression successful photographs.
I wish you a good day.
Even if it is not my writing, maybe you want to take a look at this friend's travel book. Ultimately you are an expert on this subject

nice photography of every pics and looks cool... great adventurous travel... enjoy:)

city ​​of sins , Amsterdam

Wow. This is great !

Great travel. All pics looks beautiful. And i hope you have enjoyed a lot on game. Good luck.

Amazing photography

Very awesome I really appreciate to share it thanks and vote by me

  ·  작년

AMAZING photos thank you for sharing, please can you follow me to help me grow. Thank you so much @zipp03

I love Amsterdam! It's so different to what you would expect when you plan your trip there. I've been there so many times and anytime I come there I find something new and exciting.

Thank you for sharing your photos! I'm glad to see Amsterdam through your eyes!


  ·  작년

hey i gave you an upvote dont forget to follow me and upvote me for future upvotes & i always follow back
download (2).jpg

Wish I was there. Upvoted, resteemed.


Like no other¡
We hope you keep showing us more of your interesting trips