TimTravels - Water City! Amusement Park that accepts Bitcoin

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Welcome back my Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels

I hope you are enjoying the last summer days, seven days left to be accurate. Speaking of summer, what would you do on a hot day? Going to the beach, taking a sunbath, perhaps not leaving home at all because it is way too hot or simply having some ice cream with friends?

Me and my girlfriend decided to visit the biggest water park Greece offers, Watercity! We checked TripAdvisor and wanted to know if all the good recommendations are legit. In the middle of Crete, somewhere between mountains and fields we found the water park. We didn't expect to find it there since we felt to be in the middle of nowhere.

Right the first thing that came to my attention was the big sign that says: Bitcoin accepted here! Wait a second...I visited a random water park and I can pay with Bitcoins here? I was immediately in love I knew this is going to be a great day. The staff explained that there are also Bitcoin ATMs.

I didn't hesitate and paid my entrance like a boss with crypto currency! Who knows, maybe next time I can pay my ice with Steem Dollars?

Look closely. Did you spot it? Myths! Seems like you guys miss my Myth or Fact articles and someone had to drawn my attention to it. Fair enough, a new episode is already in the making and will be published this week.

There were so many different slides and I couldn't decide where to start. Only one thing was clear, that I have to try them all.

Not a single cloud was spotted this day

You know you are in Greece when you see many sculptures made of marble

Me having some fun with the tire slide, my favourite one. It gives you the longest ride, becomes at one point pitch black and throws you into the water

I hope you enjoyed this episode of TimTravels and that you will habe some good last days of summer. Tell us how you will spend your next days and what you love to do hot days. The most creative comment wins 10 Steem.

See you soon and steem on!

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Watercity looks amazing.......enjoyed your post

Still got the wristband! Yay!

That is awesome that they accept BTC and have ATM's too!


I do not know who to study if in aceh, is there any of you who can teach me?


I am not entirely sure what you mean old chap. What is it that you are after?


so sweet post


and.... where the heck did you get that wristband? did i miss something important???


Steemfest number 1! I still have mine! Although I lasted nowhere near as long as this wearing it, that's dedication!


lol @meesterboom I actually lost track of you for a while... hope everything baby is going well... I shall visit you soon and drop some well worth upvotes there...
Happy life, my man ;-)


Happy life too you too mate, I have baby incoming in 18 days... Boom!!

Hey Tim, great photos of Water City! Looks like a blast man. My summer days seem to be dwindling away. I suppose it's not too bad since fall will be arriving soon and that's my ultimate favorite time of year.

The next few days will actually be somewhat hot, so my hot day plans are kicking into gear. I'll spend these next days firing up the grill, cooking up some tasty grub. I'll certainly sit back and have a few beers (tropical drinks for the ladies and non-beer folk).

The dog is gonna want to get in on the action too. That's when she'll go totally crazy and wild and force me to get the water hose out so that she can catch the water that goes flying out of the jet sprayer in mid air. Now that's summer. Good times, good times :)

Hope your trip to this water park was not today,or would you would have ended up paying more Bitcoin. RED RED RED everywhere.

It looks like Steem is also having SteemTravels along with TimTravels.


hope your post

This is awesome, I hope to see more and more places accept bitcoin as payment. I would love to be able to go to my local pub and buy a pint with bitcoin, or pay for my flights and hotels with bitcoin, but maybe when the price is a little less volatile ;)

That looks like so much fun! I just love water parks! And how amazing that they accept bitcoin :) Did you have a gopro to film that slide with or some other waterproof camera?

I am going to celebrate the weekend and the last days of summer (even though it feels like there are a lot of them ahead of me still here in California) by waking up at 6am - yeiii - and going to a surf championship tomorrow! And then I might go out to party a bit in Los Angeles in the evening. So it is definitely going to be an exciting weekend!


Hi there let's upvote and follow each other. Reply me 😍.

Looks fun, and you must have had a go pro for the filming of the tube plunge. keep steeming and thanks for having a contest ; so exciting :)


you are lucky you did not lose your phone Lol


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Great shots, it felt like it was me at the waterpark! Yellow slide is my favorite.

Excellent stuff, the more places that accept these coins the more integrated within society they'll become.

I'm there

great pictures!

Wow, this shows how Cryptocurrency has went so much mainstream, a water park in Greece has BTC ATM. Great photos- I like the statues all over the park.

so awesome that they accept crypto

Looks like Greece is not only a nice, beautiful, educational (e.g. ancient history) country, but also a smart country (e.g. BTC ATM) after the financial trouble. Thanks @timsaid for sharing your tour with us :)

Great to see that bitcoin is accepted in more and more places!

thx for sharing

pushing up your pant leg so you are not show too much leg action? ;)

sweet. like a boss!

awesome article. Here in Singapore we are having summer all year long, so it doesn't matter us to when to visit the waterpark, anytime is suitable LOL

Very cool

finally its going towards mainstream

Awesome that they accept Bitcoin. I guess after the bank bail ins, more Greeks started exploring crypto currency.

I still dont know coz im new but i hope there will be also like this in my place im staying, hope to see more places accepting bitcoins. Very nice post and thanks for sharing, i love to travel also😊👍

Wow what a beautiful place to go to!!! ^_^

Amazing post .....and the great thing is that bitcoin is accepted there just wow.....hope you guys had fun there

i love you summer..wow very nice post @timsaid,

the water city is the summer get away, very cool bro.
the water make us refresh and all stress on reality will go away just a blast of water, it will sure do..^_^

great photos of Water City , the pool and the slide is so great,sliding to waterslide is cool bro..Now that's summer adventure @timsaid..

anyway i want to share with you and help me to support southafrica
they need more prayers and the lord has messages to them..kindly see my post..thanks and more power to your travel brother have a nice day..

hoping for your kind consideration on your support..

may the lord God bless your travel and the peace of Jesus Christ be with you always bro @timsaid


Tim, Hows it going? That looks like great time, bro. I still have two weeks till I get to go anywhere. Then it's Bahama bound baby. Luckily our itinerary has not been effected by Irma. Keep the killer post coming.

your trip is very beautiful, I envy, because I can not explore like you. but thanks to you, through your post I can see another world. @ timsaid, I have a complaint, I'm getting tired of writing, making postings, because very low vote I get, if you want, I hope the voice from you, if you do not want,not problem, I will always faithfully follow your journey, and from now on, your post is my first upvote.
Thank you very much.

so sweet post. The following couple of days will really be to some degree hot, so my hot day designs are jumpstarting. I'll spend these one days from now starting up the flame broil, concocting some delectable grub. I'll unquestionably kick back and have a couple of lagers (tropical beverages for the women and non-brew people:).

Amazing amusement park and a attraction for all visitors thats it accepted bitcoin currency it's a biggest facility for all who have Bitcoin currency and they can pay all their funds with Bitcoins:)

Looks like nice place for holiday/vacation with family/party and they properly accept bitcoin (since they also have Bitcoin ATM).
Wish i have passport and lots of money going to Greece.

Now everyone is commenting to get free steem hehe

Its good to hear Tim Travels - water city Amusement park are now accepting bitcoins & also installed bitcoin ATM.
Bitcoin if inserted properly in Travel Industry it can boom the market.
For every holiday people around the world would love if bitcoin accepted by Airlines, Hotel, Amusement Parks & Travel Agencies.

I agree with you.

Simply beautiful!.. was is frightening going down that water slide?

I love Greece your so lucky to still have the sun, I think all summer we had two hot weeks here in London

enjoyed your work
really news is good
thanks for sharing
keep sharing sir

wow! great place to go with ur girlfriend. i hope i can to that place with special people, someday.

Have a great fun @timsaid.
I follow your post, it's really something different from others. I like it. It's not only my comment so many people like your post too..... I'm waiting for your next post.....


Is this the first theme park that accepts Bitcoin? I haven't heard of any others.

Really nice post.....I enjoyed reading

"I pay my entrance like a boss" lol the future is NOW! who knows, maybe someone would pay a pizza with BTC????? ;-)

that's awesome!

Everything look amazing but it is really awesome that You can pay in bitcoin. Not something usual to see!

you deserve a lot of upvoted

Sounds interesting holiday in the summer

Great shots! And awesome that they accept BTC :)

Since two weeks weather changed in Germany from rainy summer to dark autumn - I`m so jealous! =D enjoy your time in Greece. How long are you staying there?


I'm already back in Germany

Who would have thought that you could pay with bitcoins in a water park in Greece? Pretty advanced these guys.

que bueno! gracias por compartir, todo esta bello. saludos

omg thats great theres btc atm`s damn nice!

Wow!!!thanks for sharing.i wish i could go there too✈️✈️✈️

It's my desire to go to Greece like that and one thing I like is their Bitcoin BTC payment system which is so easy and convenient. But our focus right now is to target a vacation with my family in Cebu City, Philippines located in Visayan Islands. The good thing in Cebu aside their beaches they have the great taste of Grilled Pork we call this in Filipino "LECHON". This LECHON it's skin is like crackers and I'm excited to go there before end of December, 2017.

what a great place all around!!

Cool! Now more and more different parks will take bitcoins!

Brilliant post sir

I have never visited a real watercity till today, but after reading your post I feel as if I visited one. Those long pipe hole rides must be very exciting, and you took a risk of holding a camera in hand? No worries if it was waterproof.

I think one must send link of this post to Jamie Dimon and show him where Bitcoin is going. I want to shove it up his ass, because his head won't accept the fact that Bitcoin is going to rule the world.

That water park looks awesome. Kinda cool to see how the greeks get down.

I spent my summer with my new found family....(my girlfriend and her little boy) Took him on a trip to the zoo, image Look at that little guy

Got to start using a smoker and I am addicted. image
image image

The rest of the summer we are preparing for his mom to start cosmotology school. Spending some time at parks and in the awesome nature Colorado provides.

Great post @timsaid, awesome

It's water park is wonderful. and if he accepts btc I love him.

Whoa those slides look amazing.

it is a new information i have ever heard....

that one hell of a water park looks awesome and fun hope u had fun and the fact that they accept bitcoin makes it even better . love the pictures also.

If I .. when summer comes .. I prefer a holiday with beloved family .. Play to the sea .. Play sand by putting sand on the body .. It must be very fun .. hihi
Thank you ..l like this your post.. @timsaid

These are some amazing pictures too...nice

Summers!! I thought, "winter is coming"!!!

What a beautiful park! Thanks for posting, @timsaid

Looks like a fun place. It's fair to say that Bitcoin is probably going to be far more mainstream in the next few years, maybe sooner!

Yeah lets hope we have Steem ATM too :D

Follow me please and above all good post

You really make me want to visit Crete! It looks like an awesome amusement park!
Really glad to see that even places like that are embracing bitcoin, great view for our future!

Gave you our vote and follow since you are giving us a lot of tips about travelling Europe!
If you want more travel tips regarding Australia, come and have a look on our account @Backpackbeliefs !!

That is damn great time you've spent there. Great pics.

That is such a great news. Hopefully his Water Park will be an example for other public places to accept bitcoins.

very nice post @timsaid..love your work..for that i resteem your post @dontryme2 page..thanks for sharing bro..we love you bro..

Looks exciting and pleasantly low on people traffic (at least at the time of your photos).

Links for other readers:

It Looks very fun, keep steeming and thanks for having a contest, I like your photos, good luck and best for the future, Upvoted and Followed

I love that this waterpark is "in the middle of nowhere" But actually accepts Bitcoin! Looks an incredible place to be honest - especially the marble statues.

Wait a second ... even my reaction would be the same wow bitcoin atm at an unexpected place that would be wonder :D and it added the charm with timtravels adventure :D

good post, when can come here.........

awesome waterpark, and BTC will never be stopped.

This must be his best day

I used to have a waterpark like this one half an hour away from where I live, but they closed it. Anyway great photos, but it kind of make me jealous that you were there while I was basically buying school supplies so…

To let you know, in Aceh there is a coffee shop that accept steem dollar as payment. This coffee shop usually use by the steemit community there as their meeting spot.

hope in future we will use crypto to buy in local shops food and delivery from chinese restaurants and pay our bills, so no more need for cash. How expensive is this water park ?
In next days im planning to go to forest to pickup some mushrooms and enjoy last days of +13 in September :) In hot days i love to spend all day in Nature near lake or sea and enjoy my time with family with some bbq :)

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how cool is this man!!!

Bitcoins are accepted almost everywhere , soon be the time that who doesn't have a bitcoin , ain't allowed :)

This water city seems to be very relaxing. I'm glad you had the opportunity to go there

Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing!

When i saw the bitcoin accepted photo and some tape i think was you joking but it seems is a real thing, awesome thing to see as a welcome :D
I love the greek kinda theme, i wish i was there :)
Keep up us updated!

It's nice to hear that they allow cryptocurrency. And o likeyour wristband

Steem wristbands, Greek flags and water so blue it's like they peeled it straight off the sky and filled their pools with it? Wow!

Those are amazing pics and it's great seeing actual random bitcoin ATMs in the wild (only God knows when they will start appearing in my country lol)

Um, how do you turn a piece of video into a GIF because I would find that very useful? :D

wow, it is a good adventure @timsaid.
and are good in photography..great job
i looking forward you next adventure..I started following you, i am happy if you follow me too..I upvoted this post 😊

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wow, it is a good adventure @timsaid.
and are good in photography..great job
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I have invested in BITCOIN because I BELIEVE IN ITS POTENTIAL,the CAPACITY it has to transform GLOBAL PAYMENTS is very exciting.

Very good.

Good job
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Thks u
Good luck today

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Your post seemed like my impossible.
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It looks good to see your posts.
Thank you. For your great writing and for sharing

Shares something in your post that I have never seen.

I saw something new and learned through your shared post.
So many thanks for sharing.

Hey @timsaid this is an awesome post!

This will be featured in the latest Steemit Digest issue.

I nice you....
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haha... looks like a lot of fun :)

Now,Who would have imagined that they accept bitcoins...

Great post. I'm new here

Maybe sometime i will prove it. Very nice thank you much for Impression

Wow, this shows how Cryptocurrency has went so much mainstream, a water park in Greece has BTC ATM. Great photos- I like the statues all over the park.

BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies generally has come to stay. There might be challenges but time will tell..

It will succeed. Just like the way Email render Post Office useless, same is going to happen to the banking industry soon!!!

Watch out!!!

wooooow .... it is very nice

Excellent! I'm loving the progression that bitcoin is making. Who knows how many new businesses will be adopting cryptocoins within the next few years.

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What a nice experience! Thanks for sharing.

Looks like a nice place. And nice of you to pay it forward by promoting the park for them. Any friend of decentralization is a friend of mine.

@timsaid Your generate up is spectacular. Mad regard for sticking as a result of many of the hardships, Many of us would've Give up A great deal before..

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I liked your last post about the landscape of Crete already but this waterpark is another good reason to visit Crete with the wife and kids soon. It would be great indeed if next year I can pay the entry with either SBD or steem.


Listen to this Mr. Walt Disney! PAYING the entrance with Crypto!! lol ;-)

  ·  3년 전

The fact that physical Cryptocurrency ATM's are now appearing in random areas, really shows how prosperous Bitcoin and other such Coins are going to be. Great photography, and look forward to seeing your next post, I'll keep an eye out for some Bitcoin ATM's around the UK!

Sweet post

Oh, this is a real paradise on earth. I want to be in your place!))) By the way, it's a great idea for them to take bitcoins)))) It's a pity, in Ukraine there is no such park))))) Good luck)))

Nice place and pics, and even nicer that they accept BTC

woow ........... atm bitcoin is starting to exist in greece, interesting because bitcoin is getting famous there. I really hope atm bitcoin also exist in indonesia so steemit community more advanced again in using crypto money. thank you for the information and I just wish you a happy summer and happy

best regards from @sipildanarsitek

I just arrived to Lagos in Portugal for 7 day holidays. I will be windsurfing an canoing around the coast. The plan is to try kitesurfing and maybe visit to water park. I am also gathering the materials for Steemit post.

Wow this looks like an epic time 😄

It really excites me that soon businesses can start accepting payment in Steem Dollars and (maybe even) Upvotes!! 🎉♨️💯

Amazing place

Wow, its soo cool and beautiful man, you have soo many fun. :)
Vote + Follow! :)

Looks like a SUN & FUN day.
Really awesome that they accept Bitcoin.

Seems you guys having fun,
I am still waiting the day I can pay my bills using steem dollar

Maybe you could take time to shrink your photos before uploading them. I am waiting for them all to download while I write this comment.

The moving picture is so cool!How did you make it? Is it easy to pay with your cryptocurrencies? Thank you for sharing, this park looks so entertaining😄

sound interesting Thank you Visit in @kayumhosen
let me follow you, thanks!

Bitcoin ATM and payments, woah!
And I'd prefer staying at home all day and then dinner somewhere out with a friend. Evenings are for me, I guess :p

very interesting. talking about the summer, probably many who think of a day lazy or as a day to travel.
but, most also think to visit the water park, beach and more ..

but my personal. I prefer to laze at home. :)
because if traveling will only make the coin bits float like you do.

better at home, to get bitcoin. :)