Bike rides always take us to interesting and hidden places.....

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This is "La Antigua Hacienda de Rinconada" it was built in 1825 (it seems older, but we must believe historians). This old building is built in the middle of nowhere. However, it has a very distinct architecture which I presume is originally from the Moors. This architecture is said to be Judaeo-Spanish. Anyway on our way to a quite new place for us we got to this beautiful building. There is not much history about this place. By the looks of it was a trade place in the old days. The back of the building suggests it had a lot cattle and grain storage. Please enjoy the photographs and if anyone has a bit more of history it is quite welcome.


MotoG6 Smartphone @PhotoCircle @Tipu


On the same route you can fin some Petroglyphs

J89A0020 (2).JPG

Hope you enjoy!!!!

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I like bike rides but its risky.

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looks similar to New Mexico. but your glyphs are better than the ones I have found around southeast New Mexico

Nice place! It reminds me of a Spanish region called Almeria, either by the landscapes as the type of old constructions, a wonderful place to discover travelling by bike (and in other ways, but always quietly, enjoying many hidden natural treasures). Where are the pictures from?


Rinconada in the state of Nuevo Leon Mexico

Honestly true, and I’m sure you’ve been to so many places. Thank you for sharing with us, I love the picture of that building.

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