Flowers in the water

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Hello friends
I'm always researching and looking at how to do something different
Today it touches flowers in the water.
IMGP6157 copia.jpg

The flowers are from my sales, bougainvillea, and jasmines are in full bloom and you have to take advantage of them and learn.
The camera is the big girl Pentax she behaves best for these things.
IMGP6129 copia.jpg

Lately I take little the camera to the street.
The atmosphere is not for much party, the covid has annoyed us, I suppose that like many places and I do not feel like going out with the heat and the mask, so I like taking pictures at home, you never know what will come out.

IMGP6144 copia.jpg

I've also had a bit of fun editing them, it's something I love
Today is Thursday I have a week of work and then a vacation.
IMGP6131 copia.jpg
This year will be different from all previous years.
But you have to get used to and take care of yourself
IMGP6158 copia.jpg

I will take the time to investigate in photography and drawing
IMGP6155 copia.jpg

Happy Thursday friendsIMGP6141 copia.jpg


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Beautiful, as always