Photographing color in water

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Photographing color in water.

Hello friends
Yesterday was my afternoon off and I left the drawings for a few days and went back to photography.
This is something that I had pending

IMG_3352 copia.jpg

First I had to buy some syringes at the pharmacy that their needle would be big enough so that it wouldn't get stuck with the paint.
Go to a pharmacy and ask for syringes to photograph, his face was a poem and he looked at me like a crazy woman, but what do I care?
At home, look for a glass container that is beautiful and appropriate, which is difficult if your glasses have drawings or are carved, but there is a saying that says:
Whoever follows her gets it and that's how it was.

IMG_3353 copia.jpg

Mount my light box, tripod and find the perfect distance.
The camera was on 9-second self-timer with 9 continuous photos.

IMG_3354 copia.jpg

How to focus on a transparent glass of water?
Easy you put the tail of a fork and focus, you hit the shutter and running you take out the syringes.

IMG_3355 copia.jpg

Do not think it is easy since the drops always come out when they feel like it and I could hardly synchronize.

IMG_3356 copia.jpg

But it is fun as well as stressful to take these photos alone.

IMG_3357 copia.jpg
IMG_3358 copia.jpg
IMG_3359 copia.jpg

I will tell you that I did many and some with beautiful effects that I will present them little by little.

IMG_3360 copia.jpg

** Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 80-F4-S1/100

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