The beauty of old age


Hello friends
We are already in May the month of flowers they told us when we were little and we took flowers to school,
You ran with the bouquet bigger than you and excited.
Your parents made a great effort for that bouquet of white calla lilies that we put on the virgin.
But today I share something different with you.
IMG_7105 copia.jpg
The gardenia is a white flower, full of petals and a delicious aroma.
IMG_7100 copia.jpg
Even the famous singer Carlos Gardel took them out a song many years ago.
IMG_7101 copia.jpg
"Two gardenias for you
With them I mean
I love you, I adore you, my life ”
IMG_7086 copia.jpg
A plant with delicate, almost white flowers.
The fleshy leaves are dark and shiny green.
IMG_7081 copia.jpg
But to them, the spring rain does not suit them, their immaculate white flowers are damaged by the drops of water, their tips begin to take on an ocher tone and wilt.
IMG_7104 copia.jpg
As the flower is not in its full beauty, you will say that it does not deserve photography, but for me they have a special beauty, the contrast of its texture and the increasingly intense color.
IMG_7102 copia.jpg
So I can't stop photographing them.
IMG_7104 copia.jpg
In its decline.
Damaged by the weather.
Crumpled and colorful.
Full of old age beauty.
IMG_7114 copia.jpg
And when they finally fall to the ground, they carpet the grass and give life to another beauty, this silent and almost unimportant one that we removed the petals and always came out yes.
IMG_7177 copia.jpg
The delicate and silent daisy, with its head in the sun and its roots in the withered leaves of the gardenia already brown and degraded by the passage of time.

IMG_7113 copia.jpg
Canon IXUS 115 HS

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