One of my favourite relaxing place

9개월 전


Guyz these time i want to share one of my relaxing place in Dhaka. In the field of action, we have been struggling to work for a long time.
To work a lot of time that we get upset and then we try to relax some time.


I have selected this beautiful place to rest for a long time.

This place is my favorite and this place is surrounded by natural beauty. There is a nice garden and a place to sit in the garden, where you will enjoy great peace. If you are from Dhaka, you can come to this beautiful place, this beautiful place is located in 300 feet.

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that dose look like a cool little place to get away of hide out if you will i do believe we all need a place to get away form life from time to time i have a water fall i frequent that is mine ......if you look at my blog you will see my little hide out