The beauty of the house is the flower tree

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We do many things to enhance the beauty of the house, the most of which is the thing, that we plant flowers on the roof of the house or in the balcony of the house. We plant many types of flowers in the balcony of the house or in the roof of the house, in which there are special types of flowers which are very nice to see at home when planted.


There are some of my favorite flowers that I planted on the roof of my house and in the balcony of the house which has increased the beauty of the house many times.

To enhance the beauty of the house, such flowers are very effective.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your home, then you can plant different types of flowers in your home. You will see later that the beauty of the house has increased and it will be very good to see, because if the house is beautiful then there is good feelings in the house.


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I see you make no comments. Interaction is the key to success on Steemit. Talk to people. Find others who like flowers. There are photo contests you could enter. Be part of the community and don't just take.


Sorry for that. I will follow your instruction. Can you remove your all downvote?


I will not remove them as the rewards still need to be reduced. They are curation in the same way as an upvote.

Thanks for responding. You may have been misled on what Steemit is about. I'm just a user trying to help people create something good here. It's not just a magic money machine. It's about people and opportunities.

I wish you success, but you get judged on your actions here.


Okay. Thank you very much for your wishes and your advice for me. I am glad you will support me.