Winter Hiking in the Clouds, Canadian Rockies Style

2년 전

I filmed this last weekend out for a pretty amazing hike in the clouds. Good times.

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dear @unipsycho, great post !! your video is very interesting. do you have a very strange and original style :-)) does the path you have made seem very dangerous, or does it depend on your perspective?
keep on and congratulations on your curie rating


Thanks @road2horizon for the comment. I like to do and produce things that are not your norm, so that fits most of my lifestyle and activities actually, lol! Ya, the paths I pick are pretty hard routes, I'm comfortable on them as I'm an avid climbing so a bit of exposure and scrambling is something I'm happy to have. Most people would avoid it and stick to the trail in the woods. The video angles and shots though I love to take from the cliff edges. Good times!

Beautiful and at times slightly unnerving footage. Such a crazy effect these 360 cameras have it really just seems to be floating around after you.

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Ya, thanks @carlgnash, the footage can be really odd and its really about how you edit it into the views and how smooth you make that edit, because they are a little jumpy at times too.

Magnificent images! I really enjoyed this video. I could not go hiking with such a low temperature. So thanks for sharing this virtual tour. A big hello @unipsycho

Hi unipsycho,

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Hello Hello!

What a great video, wow I'm impressed with people using a camera and creating the best videos hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela


Well thank you iamsaray. In canada, we get pretty used to these low temperatures. Today's hike was warmer thankfully though, and clear skies for some views.... I'd love to hike in venezuela someday.

Honestly this is awesome! I have very few of this kind of very misty and at the top of cliff hiking experiences! Honestly those are awesome!


Great hike! It happened to me that I was hiking in fog all the time. At the beginning I was disappointed but then I realized how magical it was. I didn't like that uncertainty though as you can't see, so it's easy to get lost.

It looks like you did a challenging hike. There were some places that I would probably not want to reach. Oh, and I must say that the lens that you're using makes me dizzy :)

Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!

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