Petersburg postcards from the beginning of the 60s

4년 전

I posted author's photos. And I'll post it again. Recently I got postcards with photos. Both postcards and photographs with views of the city are interesting.
Postcards or open letters, as they are written, are all slightly different in size, not standard, made, I think, from ordinary photo paper, on the back of which the desired form for a postcard is printed. Here is the turnover:

Open letter


As you can see, they are printed on what is shown in the photo. And it is obligatory in two languages to sign, at least the word "postcard".
For postcards took excellent photos, but not all I like, they seem to me not interesting. For example, sculptures close-up.

Anichkov Bridge

One more Anichkov Bridge

Bronse Horseman

But there are more interesting compositions

Sphinx at the University Embankment

One more Sphinx at the University Embankment

On a white night on the embankment

Krylov in the Summer Garden

Colorful Bronze Horseman. It is noticeable that the quality of color printing desires better

Just a lot of photos without people or almost without them:

On the water there are almost always ships or boats

Man on the Upper Swan Bridge

Again the boat is on the water


Where are people?

Absolutely unusual foreshortening of Kazan Cathedral

Apparently all the people here, walk

And finally two of my favorite postcards with bridges, people and cars

Chernyshev Bridge on Fontanka - beautyful!

And this is photographed from some house on the embankment.

The Summer Garden

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