Nothing but trouble


Stubborn is my middle name.

Around this time last night, I agreed to help @kommienezuspadt carry some furniture downstairs. We were putting up frames and finishing this project when he got the idea of rearranging the furniture. What couple decorates their home after midnight? Us apparently. Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend it because you realize too late that you’ve exhausted most of your energy for the day. It didn’t hit me until we were midway down the stairs (hauling our vintage pink couch) that I was too tired for this shit. Transporting furniture from one floor to the next isn’t rocket science but it sure is bothersome when you’re half asleep.

There were bumps, scrapes and a potential crack in the frame which irritated us both. Then we got into a lovely little squabble because of a snarky comment. Yeah, sometimes I can’t help myself. I have no filter and I’m sensitive when I’m sleepy. I ended up spending the next hour apologizing before coming to the conclusion that rearranging all the furniture downstairs (by myself because we know at this point that I’m stubborn) would makeup for my wrongdoings. That either worked or he was too tired to be upset so all was forgiven and I eventually rolled into bed around 3AM. The end. Lesson learned.

A little bit about this photo.

It was taken maybe 2 or 3 years ago but I’m just now getting around to editing more from this collection. I love the reds, greens and the memory of how effortless the set design was. These images constantly remind me to keep up with our decorating and eventually the entire house will have ready to shoot areas. I’d say that we’re halfway there.

Photo taken and edited by me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my work.🦊

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Aye, that's a good long-term goal for me as well — to have a house with ready to shoot areas. About 1% there, already.


Good luck to you! I hope we both eventually meet our goals!

Cool story and beautiful photo. In this story, I recognized myself)


Thanks! Which part did you see yourself?


I have no filter and I’m sensitive when I’m sleepy.

Like myself

What couple decorates their home after midnight?

Its me!)

@vermillionfox you need to get verification badge from dporn !


Ohh, how do I do that?

Moral of the story, don’t rearrange furniture when supposed to be in bed? 🤣 yay for half way through having ready to shoot areas throughout the house 🙃

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That’s totally it! 😂😂 oh and yes!! Hooray!! We might paint, I’d like to get a couple of plants and a bunch of other miscellaneous things.

Nice trouble, sweet trouble

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Nice post dear... Great to see your post. And the effects of your photography are looking so gorgeous... Well done brother. Keep it up!! 💚

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Welcome Dear!! 💚

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I learned a very long time ago that taking on projects when you're half asleep is a terrible idea. They never end up nearly as good as you think.

Also, love the photo! the lighting is pretty much perfect for that shot...


Haha, very true. My brain ends up melting and the results are always up in the air.

Thanks for your kind words! Glad you like the photo!

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You´re beautiful :) And you´re absolutely right about the shooting areas! One day I´m making some photos of those I´m really proud of.. but first cleaning up and hiding all the toys from our child :P


You’re too kind! Thank you. ☺️ If I could get the walls painted a certain way and keep things relatively tidy then I wouldn’t mind then shoot areas will only benefit us. Oh and I know the struggles of keeping the house in order with a little person running around. Good luck to you!

Changing your middle name to sexxxy 😜💜 so pretty friend!


Yay! 💃🏻