Whispers in the night

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I have a soft spot for all things weird, bizarre and creepy BUT I actually hate getting scared... it’s kind of embarrassing.

I’m the type of gal that you shouldn’t invite to the movies to view a slasher film. Trust me, I’ll not only embarrass you but I’ll make a huge fool of myself. It ain’t cute! I get super clingy. When I hear suspenseful music or I just know they’re getting ready to setup a stupid jump scare, my heart will somehow find it’s way lodged up in my throat. I find myself in a weird position where I’ve shrunken back into my giant hoodie (a standard outfit for scary movies), I’ve drawn my legs up into my seat, I have one arm linked with my partner’s arm while still keeping both hands free to simultaneously plug my ears and cover my eyes. You might be wondering how I’m able to do both with my itty bitty hands.. Well, anything is possible when you’re scared! The most ridiculous part is that it doesn’t matter how terrified I am, curiosity keeps me from looking away from the screen.

Last night @kommienezuspadt and I attempted to watch the first episode of Marianne on Netflix. Thirty minutes in and we had to throw in the towel. My kind hearted partner made it seem like we paused the show so I could rest (since I had work in the morning) but I’m pretty sure he felt like I couldn’t make it to the end. Maybe it’s because I purposefully flipped my glasses up so I couldn’t see Marianne’s creepy face. He got his fill of laugher. I’m so freaking dramatic. Anyways, I’m determined to finish the episode later tonight since tomorrow is my day off. Wish me luck!

Earlier this evening I was able to complete this single edit from yesterday’s photo session. I wanted to have at least two images but the others were far from inspiring. I’ll work harder next time by actually taking text shots and having an extra battery handy.

Photo taken and edited by me.

Thanks for reading. 🦊

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I love me a good scary movie, the jump scares are good for getting the blood pumping.


If you say so! Sometimes I feel like my poor little heart can’t handle it!

Well, if you get clingy looking like that... I don't know

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Lol, I probably wouldn’t look like this while viewing a horror flick. In classic scary movie fashion, If I were dressed like this then I’d definitely get hacked off first.


You're welcomë