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Some multi exposures I took recently using the "simple" feature that exists in my camera. When you know what exactly you imagine getting, it's very simple to get this kind of dreamy/spooky photograph. Personally, I love this kind of Art and ready to play with my camera endlessly.
A little bit more about my experiments. Recently I fall in love again with the freelensing technique.
I sure that I talked already about it and put here some amount of samples and works I exposed with my camera when the lens is not attached to the camera body and I hold it in my arm very close to the camera body. The results are very pleasuring, dreamy, remind the old film cameras related stuff with outstanding light leaks and lens flares. All this looks great both - in color and black and white. Sure I always prefer the BW stuff, but sometimes these vintage colors make me crazy about them :-)


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freelensing technique, oh. hmm. frankly speaking, I never tried it before, I feel too precautionary about the matrix, dust, stuff like that. maybe I should try it in some higher humidity conditions, when less dust in the air is guaranteed?

a nice image, not sure I like the feeling, but I like the capture. very expressive!


thank you for taking a look and for your point of view.
personally, I love any kind of distortions, dirt, and a spooky strangeness when it's coming straight from the camera and not created by PC applications. For example, this image is some kind of the world's apocalypse - I took it from my working place during the second massive lockdown.
About freelensing - I do it at my own risk - you're right - the dust is a killer.. But this 5dmkii is already more than 11 years old camera and I'm doing the freelensing years and it's still clean and working like a horse :-)

I like this a lot!


thank you :-)