The nostalgia exposed on celluloid – TelAviv 2019 on Kodak TX400.

2개월 전

Due to the stopped working scanner, right now I only shot and develop the new rolls and put them on the shelf with the hope one day to scan these tons of frames. Both – 135 and 120, everything that I shot during the long and catastrophic year. Most of the developed rolls are different ilford films, but today I’m posting the moments of my memories of the street life of TelAviv I photographed one year ago on Kodak TX400 (Tri-X 400).

It’s so incredible how quickly we got used to these masks. How fast they broke into our lives – different forms and different colors, some people took this new wardrobe item too far with the stylistic fashion. I really miss seeing the faces of people. On the streets and in my office, in the markets and supermarkets. I miss the feeling that I clearly understand what people tell me.

Well, now some words about photography – the main part of my blog. Despite the country situation, I find myself photographing even more than usual. Both formats – film and digital, sometimes in color, mostly black and white, experimenting with freelensing and multi-exposure technique. The sad fact is the “quarantine” zine is still under construction but seems like I’m going to finish it next two weeks during the next lockdown and to publish as-is. Depend on the results I will get, I will make another zine-book – actuality during “pandemic”. I photographed a lot from the start of the Covid19 period and have to do something with these images. They lost all the interest that I felt from the start of using masks and social (physical) distance days. Now, this became the NEW NORMAL.

Taken from my original blog post :

All rights reserved.
Photography © Victor Bezrukov

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