Archcathedral pw. Saint John the Baptist

3년 전

Hi guys! I want to show you the beauty of the night city. At night, everything becomes completely different, almost every knowledge, church, monument is illuminated by searchlights, so that such beauty would be created. Of course, you can't tell everything in the photo, but you can still see a piece of beauty, and admire it. At night it is beautiful and quiet, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the beautiful churches, the greatness.

Archikatedra pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela

It is called the mother of the Silesian churches - it is the most magnificent monument of Gothic sacral architecture.
The history of the temple begins with the Gnezensky congress, when in 1000 a bishopric was founded in Wroclaw, along with Krakow and Kołobrzeg. Over the centuries it has been subjected to war destruction and fire. Rebuilt in 1951, it was consecrated by the archbishop. Stefan Vyshinsky - Primate of Poland.

The towers of the temple have an observation deck, which can be reached by elevator.

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