Park stanisława tołpy

3년 전

Hi guys! Today I visited a beautiful park, and I want to show it to you! This is a small park, but with a beautiful and neat territory! There is a small lake near which there are a lot of ducks. On the territory of a lot of greenery, a lot of flowers, trees. There are a lot of people there, but at the same time there is very quiet, because everyone is busy with something of his own, someone lies and reads books, someone walks with children, feeds ducks, ride bicycles, you can enjoy a beautiful view and have a great rest!

Stanislav Crowd Park, a small park in Wroclaw, is located entirely in the Olbin residential area, in the Śródmieście area.

Until 2005, the park was called Novoveisky Park. The name of the park was changed by the decision of the Wroclaw City Council, according to which the current patron of the park is Stanislav Crowd.

The history of the creation of the park from concept to realization covers the years 1902-1907. The park has a small reservoir, which is a remnant of the Odra River. In the northwestern part there is a small hill. There are also children's playgrounds.

I think that this park must be visited if you are in Wroclaw! Of course, I will also show beautiful parks, there are a lot of them, and they all deserve attention! I hope you will be interested!

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