4년 전

"Search within yourself the solution to all problems, even those that you consider most external and material.
Inside you will always be the secret: within it are ALL the secrets.
Yet to make your way in the jungle, even to lift a wall, even to lift a bridge, first you have to look at it, the secret.
Within you there is lying because all the bridges.
They are all cut already inside of you, all the weeds that close the roads.
The whole architecture is already built inside of you.
Enters inside you, in any situation only here you will find all your answers.
You are the architect of your life, you are the gardener of your soul, because within YOU will build your destination and flourishes your Soul"- Amado Nervo.
That is a day to discover this wonderful power that resides within you.
✨Happy and Blessed Day✨IMG_20180218_191459.png

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