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Very nice shoot!


thank you so much^^

Wow such a great place! Is a big house? It must have really beautiful rooms ♡.♡


its pretty big was a abonded place in zuric it was mostly philty but we found this beatiful room for the picture :D

nice theme: dark and red!!!


Thanks for noticing this nice detail^^, have a nice day :D

This looks like a beautiful shot from a horror movie! *o* You and your friend did a nice job. :)


Thank you so much for this nice comment^^, i agree it looks like a horror scene haha, have a wonderufll day :D

A really moody picture - great!

sick!! love it!

That's a bit how my brain feels like after a day of useless bureaucratic bullshit. :-)


haha good comparison lol :D

Love how the colors have come out, excellent photography


Thank you very much deepaakagarwal :D

This is stunning! Can't stop looking at it! Which camera do you use?


CANON EOS 5D Mark IV + EF 16-35mm f4.0L IS USM, thank you very much, my friend edited the photo for me :D

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Indeed, it is Amazing!

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Beautiful photography.. love it.. 👍

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No way! My friends and I used to explore abandoned buildings all the time (stupid and scary I'll admit). Do you have any scary stories from this experience?

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Waooo!! Is terrifying! Thats very valient, good picture.

I legit thought you were a bot. OOOPS. Why did you get flagged though?

Hi, Nice to meet you, wish you good luck and a Great Post God Bless you,...!!!


Thank you very much and i wish also a great day and God Bless you too :D