Beautiful Street Architecture Picture ^^

4년 전


Done this Picture on My Summer vacation hope you enjoy it and tell you how you feel about that picture :D

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I am no photographer, but something about this photo I find so beautiful. Maybe it's because I am a city girl at heart. It is also a combination of the coloring and the clarity of the image. Hope I am making sense, there is something very crisp about this picture, like the smell of rain after a long summer. Lol something like that.


i know exactly what you mean and I 100% agree i edited the picture very crisp with a very expensive camera and lense, thank you so much for taking time for making such a nice comment, have a wonderfull day @meowzinator :D

That's a beautiful picture

how you feel about that picture

it makes me feel... urban... and european.

it'is amzaing, so nice @vlone99

thank you for 0,001 SBD

i'm vote and following you friend

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Interesting locale! @vlone99 where did you take this?

@vlone99 thank you give me upvote

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nice one, thanks for following me, no im your follower, i hpe you will give me a good tips to be a good steemit user, i just a new comer

wow, u really like that photo. Architecture photography is my passion. I enjoyed watching this amazing photo! upvoted and follow you, brother.

Thanks for the heads up

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thanks for you 0.001 SBD @carlos84

upvoted @VLONE99 and this picture is very compelling and interesting!!! I feel like it could be easily depicted as a painting, lovely and full of life. keep up the good work

I kind of think of real-life GTA :P

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This is a really good image.

What type of filter did you use on this shot? It's beautifully done! Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.

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What kind of camera are u use?