Beautiful Swiss Mountain Picture ^^

4년 전


Made this foto in the swiss mountain with my friend and myself^^, feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestion and have a nice day! :D

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Nice shot! If you have a camera that can record videos, my suggestion would me making gifs or even better - cinemagraphs.


thnak you very much fot the cind words, yeah i have also thought about small cinemagraphs but i never really committed my self to do it, but will try and make one next time i got on a small trip :D

Well, what to say, this is pretty perfect. The picture that every mountain lover would love to take...or at least me! Well done! <3


Haha thank you so much for the nice comment^^, have a wonderfull day :D

Have a nice day.
Very awesome.
Nice pic


Thanks dawg, wish u a nice day too :D

Stunning Photo! I hope someday I can go to a beautiful place like this.


For sure its amazing, but very very expensive

amazing! more of this :-)


Thank you very much, yes i got some more nice pictures that are ready to upload so just follow me and u will see 😊

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breathtaking :) 100,000 words


haha thank you soo much @auraculus :D

God is just wonderful! Lovely Dear...


Thats 100% true, and thank you so much for the nice comment @annysmart, have a wonderfull day :D

Very beautiful, my aunt lives in Austria and I have always been envious of those who live in such beautiful environments.


Its awsoeme here its like 60% of the land are just mountains wich in my eyes is amazing and i love to travel around with the car and visit nice places to walk, hope you can visit our country one day but its one of the most expensive country ^^

WOW! I'm always taken away by beautiful mountain landscapes

Absolutely breathtaking! You're very fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty.

Jaw dropping beauty...just wow!


true story bro^^, thank you very much :D

very nice picture!! visit my blog~^^ @honghulla

Wow! @vlone99, Your work is incredible, great focus. God gives us beautiful scenery and it is our duty to preserve them. Congratulations! :)

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Looking into to this photo is like rejuvenating your soul.


Thank you very much @gorgeousdini :D

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Hills yeah!

it's so nice

i remember you friend @vlone99

this is breathtakingly beautiful

crae fo sho. So are you a swiss thug or what?

Amazing photo.