Beautiful Swiss Mountain Picture #3 ^^

4년 전


Made this foto in the swiss mountain with my friend and myself^^, feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestion and have a nice day! :D

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what camera did you use to shoot this picture? I feel like I could just walk into that scene. Very nice. @vlone99

vlone i follow you and upvote you posts can you upvote my posts and follow me?

What's exact location? It's so beautiful ;)


in switzerland and the state is called grabunden, thank you very much :D

Sky is so clearly. Nice shot @vlone99


yeah was very nice weather haha, thank you very much @artataman :D

beautifull picture!! looking forward to see more :)


Thank you sooo much @romina1

the post is amazing beautiful .. I really like to see the results of your work and very happy to follow you.


wow thank you very much for you kind words i really appriciate that @jefryagooner, have a wonderfull day :D

This is so lovely. <3


Fantatsic my friend 🌸🌸
keep it up


Haha thank you very much @nomishiekh :D

Nice photo :)

nice photo mate


thanks dawg^^

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beautiful picture, I'm following you to continue watching your post

Much duty-bound for posting this knowledge. I simply to inform you that I merely verify your website and that i assume that its very intriguing and academic. I will hardly wait to examine bunches of your posts.

thanks for the warm welcome! following you!

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Thanks to you... Europe misses me... haha. It's beautiful.