A Little Garden Therapy (Botanical Photography)

2년 전

Today I spent a few hours sitting with the flowers and the very busy bees. The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and I have to say, it was quite a perfect way to spend an afternoon. The bees were busily feasting on the massive patch of Oregano that has gone to flower. For a short while, I had a bee sitting on my hand which I thought was pretty cool.

Someone recently remarked to me how they never have bees in their garden anymore where we have hundreds living in ours. I couldn't help but draw a comparison to how perfect their large manicured lawn and tidy ornamental flower beds were compared to our wilder untamed land. We don't do anything special to attract pollinators, we just let the wildflowers flourish alongside the cultivated ones and we have a zero chemical policy.

The flowers that we cut today were tidied up, bundled up and hung from the rafters to be dried.


ornamental allium


Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.)


Oregano, yarrow, sneezewort, tansy, rough fleabane

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Interesting patterns. Well spotted @walkerland

I hope you had some PEP in your step, as the flowers and the bees and the gentle breeze is definitely stuff to be happy about. I'm so envious of all your flowers. It is such a different landscape to mine.

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haha ... pep in my sitting. No long walks for me yet. :( I have devised a method of plunking a folding chair in front of a bush or garden bed and doing some of the work that would require a lot of bending from a sitting position. Slow but ...better than nothing! I would love to see the Australian landscape. I really do want that to happen someday.

I am amazed all the time at how resilient plants are. When you consider how long and cold the winters are, seeing all this is pretty amazing. In contrast, the neighbors nearest to us have a manicured grass lawn and a few hanging planters for flowers so they don't have all these wild medicinal plants in their yard - even though they could. Its sort of weird seeing that boring sort of city yard in the midst of the wilderness.

Love the textures and colors of the ones in the chair. :))

Even with all the construction, what's left of my New Herb garden has butterflies fluttering around it all day long. :)) As I was weeding the Fence gardens there was a constant buzzing from the bees as I worked. Plenty of flowers still left...


The house is full of bundles of flowers drying. The guest bedroom is a botanical oasis (lol) hopefully no one decides to do a surprise visit because they'll be sleeping amidst a thousand wildflowers. So glad you've still got plenty of flowers for the insects - it's pretty exciting, you'll be able to plan all new gardens and obviously some new plants are in your future!!


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I love the photos, the colour combinations. I especially love the third one. Very pretty.
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