Make money with selling photos sitting on your hard drive !

4개월 전

Just as the title says, it indeed is possible. Do you maybe have some photos from travel trips or everyday stuff sitting on your disk? Why not make some money with them? Ever heard of stock agencies? Well let me tell you some about them.

You can submit any photos or videos you'd like and make money with them if ofcourse after review they match some simple requirements like focus, size etc. You can even post photos from taken with your mobile phone ! Crazy right? Well i have been doing it for over a year now and it has generated me some nice passive income. You are probably asking yourself but how much do you get per photo? That really depends on who buys it, the size that will be bought, and where will they use it. With photos you can make from 0.20 cents to over hundred of dollars, it really depends. But the best is each photo can be sold many times not just once ! So how does it work? You take a photo make a natural edit in lightroom, do the metadata like title and keywords (possible to do in lightroom aswell) and submit it to agency ! It's simple as that. Just make sure to upload regulary and stuff that can be used, and in the begining don't expect too much. Build it over time. If you decide to start selling the photos use this link and create your own portfolio and help me out a bit !

If you will have any questions, feel free to comment I have done really big research on did and i have really studied it well. I will be glad to help you out :)





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