The Daily Challenge: Black And White Photography

11개월 전

Happy Monday Steem,

How was your weekend?

Hope the markets are not getting you down.

For today lets do some photography. I want your best black and white photo. I will pick the best ones and will probably lean on use of shadowing and framing as my markers. This is open to everyone so please join in :)

Top 3 will get a 100% upvote with a few runner-ups
And please resteem and retweet if you can :)


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Hi @whatageek here is my participation
Cheers! :)

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What a great photo


Many thanks!! :)

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My entry N° 1. One of my best black and white photos is when I was in the most beautiful stage of the woman. I already followed him on twitter, many greetings.



Thank you. Pleased to participate.


yees! This is awesome!

Book in sunlight



Interesting capture.


Thanks, for some odd reasons I love to take pictures of books lol

My entry:




This is pretty cool! nice pic


Great photo
Thanks for the entry

Gloomy like the Markets...Aaargh


Nice capture :)

I like taking photos of people. Black and white often can set the right mood


Thanks for the entry


Thanks for the entry

Sir @whatageek, here is my contribution : Storm is assaulting through the largest sea beach of the world.


Thanks for the entry

She is Linda my Dog, with her I have shared 9 long years. my inspiration for a black and white photo. 46696173_2241618789382828_4818673209819791360_n (1).jpg


So good :)

Reflection on the ice.


I always liked reflection photos.

I will participate- "Cyborgs Are Attacking"


lol awesome

D'Master-Drummer, it goes nowhere.
This is an image I see at the Arts and Design department of my school every dusk till dawn.



Overlooking the city of Manila, Philippines.


Thanks for the entry

My entry. the butterfly in my garden



Thanks for the entry

Here is my black and white photo from my last trip in Baguio, Philippines . Saying that after all, flowers gave us happiness they could easily die but the happiness they gave is unforgettable.



Sharpener for pencil . Here is my contribution :)


Thanks for the entry

Sir @whatageek its my Entry, i think you like my black & white photography..and also resteemed and retwitte

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black and white photo.jpg

when I snapped this shot I didn't realize until later that I got her 1 year photo in the back. One of my favorites

Water running down a stream​ after a rain.


Here is my"Harbour Scene" at Port St. Francis, Eastern Cape, South Africa....for contest..hope you like what you see!

Credit - My own photography

Here is my entry. A shot from the top of Notre Dame in Paris. I love the texture on that gargoyle, and I think it really pops in high contrast black and white.



name of the photograph:

My half

(the other belongs to my wife) hahahahahaha

a newborn baby in an incubator tube

This is "The Mochima National Park" a nature reserve located on the Caribbean coast of northern Venezuela.

A view of my country side river.


View from the bridge to the Cathedral "Michael - the Archangel"

GREAT IDEA. here is my shot.


Hey I really enjoy your contest! the markets always let me down lol I try not to think on that so much >w<

Here I let a photo of my bf's cat for the contest, it is a little bastard but is majestic photogenic.

Souvent dans la vie il ya des moments qu'on veut effacer ou réécrire. Des lieux qui t'obligent a y revenir. Une chanson qui te rappeler tant de choses. Souvent il y auras des moments dans la vie qui changent ta vie pour toujours. Des personnes qui te font rêver. Il y a ceux qui laissent des empruntes dans ton coeur, tu tes souviendras toujours avec un sourire on avec nostalgie...!!

voted, resteemed, and retweeted! Thanks for the contest.


Here is my b&w entry :)IMG_20181126_221819_305.jpg

Just an old pallet

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"50 shades of Dusk".

My son Ramses Corvo, greetings friends.

This is my quick art. I hope you like it. ☺


This is my entry a walk with the family. The cave of the guacharo. In black and white.

Lycabettus one of the most beautiful place in Athens, Greece...
I have with my family a wonderful weekend u??
Markets do not have to worry us, they will come back sometime...
This is my entry... Goodnight :)


Everything is black and white here naturally since its snowed...

original photo by @ma1neevent


My enyry sorry for the late reply.

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not sure am i late for this. was not sure will this photo work in black and white, but i think it does
kompozitss bw.jpg

Here is my entry. I hope you like this type off black and white 😉



Here's my contribution to this challenge. Might seem random but I like it. Cheers :)

Hope the markets are not getting you down.

They kinda are.. 😔

This is my black and white photography.

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Today i posted this photo in Instagram. Thats me 🤗🤗🤗

This is the street island with the palm trees beneath a periwinkle's different colors flower.

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