For the #Self-Portrait PhotoContest hosted by @careassaktart ... ~

2년 전

“.....Where I was the Beauty and the Beast and Everything There Is....”
This image is the representation of Christmas for me... & Love the perfect turn from Everything that is Wrong into Everything that is Right & the utter complete Stillness of the Mind... ~

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How did you make this shot?


I have a tripod & self-timer... which gives me exactly 10 seconds to get a decent picture ~ 😆 ~ it can be truly hard to work like this... but sometimes the results are still quite atmospheric :)


I know. I do the same - running to the set up composition & focus in 10 s. It can be really funny! Which camera do you use?

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@trafalgar I do hope you see my message here...! — Thanks so much for your special upvote at this very special day of the year...! ~ Particularly this image means incredibly much to me so it it makes me truly happy to see it honored in this way ~ ✨ ~ !
May New Year´s Eve have emitted rays of light that guide 2020 to represent the rebirth of forgotten dreams :)