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Hello all
This is my first post in steemit, introduce my name is windra, age 25 my hobby is potografi, i like to take pictures of interesting objects, one of them is BULB


BULB is one of the techniques of shooting (in photography) by using a very slow speed, so it does not allow shooting in do with empty hands, The tools used for bulb photography in general is a tripod and light to paint, in order There is no camera shake when shooting is done which makes the image shadow



In general bulb photos done at night Because at night the light is very minimal, so it is possible to do shooting with a very low speed. By making adjustments to the diaphragm with small openings, it is possible again to get a low speed, as well as a detailed picture. The use of ISO / ASA / commonly referred to as 'movie speed' is very low, making the resulting image more sharp, because the resulting image density is quite smooth. But bulb photos are not only possible at night, but also during the day, but still in certain places that have minimal lighting.


May my imformation be useful to all of you

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Well written


Thank you

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