Adventures & Explorations #708

10개월 전

I'm baaaaaaaack! Just a week's hiatus after wrecking my car and springing my Parkinson's Disease on the world. Well, part of the world. Not everybody knows about it, yet. The PD, that is. That may have had something to do with the car wreck. But we're not sure about that, yet.

Anyway, here's our next stop on the A&E Travelogue - the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, California in August 2009. In case you don't know who Leo Carrillo is, he played Pancho on the 1950s TV show "The Cisco Kid". He was Cisco's sidekick. They always called out to each other, "Hey Pancho! Hey Cisco!" :-)

Leo Carrillo bought this old (real) adobe ranch and rebuilt it. Very cool!

Here's more of the story:

This little building with the plaque out front used to be the guard house at the start of the driveway. Now it's a little museum.



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I'm glad you're back... not so glad about the PD.

Ouch! Glad you're back. Perfect timing regarding the down time with the steem blockchain.


Ha! Yeah, thought that was kinda strange. Gone for a week and when I come back, I can't even post! Waaaa! :-)