Jackfruit curry

2개월 전


Indonesian people, especially Aceh, have the habit of welcoming guests at certain events such as weddings, annual festivals or gathering with their extended family. Moments like this often make special dishes from jackfruit, namely curry jackfruit


This cooking menu is a recipe passed down from generation to generation of Acehnese people. How to make jackfruit curry using selected spices, also made with various kinds of kitchen spices such as turmeric, ginger, coriander, galangal and other necessary spices.


Jackfruits used for jackfruit curry are young, fresh and white jackfruit. The jackfruit is peeled in the water using a knife smeared with oil so that the sap doesn't stick to the knife. Then chopped as desired. Then it is cooked and some people add to the jackfruit curry in the form of beef or other meat to increase the taste.

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