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Hello friend @zafar82,

Just reaching out to you as a fellow bidbot user. To point something out and give some recommendations to make you more profitable!

You lost 2.42% vs. gained 15% on your bid because you did not pay attention to the other bidders.

And worse yet you could have made money by either waiting or using another bot.

In addition there are many bots which vote in under 24 hours and few that vote 4 days out. So please leave those to others who have older posts.

We bidbot users, make sure not to step on other bidders so we all make money.

Your action cost everyone else bidding in that round money. And you took a lose.

The only one who got a big win from it was the bidbot owner and he did not even recommend that you put the votes that high:

We users of bid bots do not vote if we see the total bids within 10% of the "Max Suggested Bid" because to often someone else will bid at the same time and turn it into a lose.

So in the future make more money for yourself...And be a good fellow user....

Just a recommendation.

Just remember the phrase.
Pigs eat well, big Pigs get slaughtered.

Thank you for your time and listening.

Good luck