I am a Pearl

4년 전

Hey hey everyone, i am so glad to finally be a part of steemit after several months of contemplating. yea, that's my picture.- ![IMG-20170627-WA0008 (1).jpg](https://steemitimages.com/DQmZDSSt5JMDDkZrLUtVEMLrH3tncCZBQqj9YiAX4kKDryz/IMG-20170627- WA0008%20(1).jpg) You can call me pearl, i am a 5.9ft tanned African lady. i love so many things, if i were to make a list it will be God first then beauty, photography and nature, the others will become apparent as time goes on.
I hope to share pictures of beautiful places, people, et al in Africa. i hope you'd find my write-ups insightful and educative. Don't forget to follow my page. Thank you guys.

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