Into The Light

3년 전

It’s hard to balance between obligations and hobbies…

I spent most of the June and July on a business trip with very little time left for photography. The period was also untimely for my dearest kind of photography - astrophotography. Finaly I managed to go out in August and catch the magnificent Milky Way in all it’s beauty.

While doing it, one thing was going through my mind - I need to do this more often :)

Well, I’ll try it in September again, if the daily life and weather allows it. Then I will have to be patient before the next season of Milky Way, sometime in May 2019.

Nikon D750 / ISO 2000 / 30s / f4 / Samyang 24mm f1.4
Nikon D750 / ISO 5000 / 13s / f2.8 / Samyang 24mm f1.4

This image is a composite of two images.
The first one was taken while the half moon was still in the sky. It gave me the necessary light to get some details in the foreground. The second image was taken while the sky was darker in order to get more details in the Milky Way and the galactic core. That’s mission impossible when the moon and the light pollution team up…

Anyway, I hope you like the way it turned out.


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That's a wonderful shot.

I've got one question.

You wrote that one shot was taken when everything was lit by the moon and the second one when the sky was darker. Hasn't the position of the stars changed in the second shot? I guess it took a while until the sky was dark enough.

I'm thinking that if the position of the stars is different, matching those two shots wouldn't work.

Please enlighten me on this matter. :)


Hi Vlad,
Two images were blended as layers in PS. One for the foreground, moon lit. The other is the sky only. Using layers, two images are combined into one...

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Oh my gosh that photo is fantastic!! I'm sorry I'm seeing it post-payout though! I love the way it turned out ;)

I found your post because @sjarvie5 featured you in our Pay it Forward Curation contest. We'd love to have you join us with an entry of your own next week too :)


Oh, thank you very much. I'll check it out :)