photo of the day - Day 12

2년 전

hello everyone.

it's time to announce the winner from previous post:

well done!
2 SBD are on their way to you.

photo of the day was taken by @visabella , but I decided to use only a small part of it this time! and it is the inspiration for today's challenge:


rules for the next challenge:

1.This is an ongoing challenge in which you are asked to respond to a "the photo of the day" with a new photograph that is inspired in some way from the previous one.

2.follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated!

winner will receive 2 sbd and the honour of being the photo of the next day:)

here is the link for the first post in the series:

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Congratulations to the winner for a good blender a good blender

Congratulations to the winner .. this is my entry!

My little cousin tasting the pizza before biting it hahaha

  ·  2년 전

My entrance

Congratulations to the winne. This is my entry


Congratulations to the winner, this is my Post @shubaca430


My baby use hand mixers.

Friend @shubaca430 here my post