photo of the day - Day 17

2년 전

hello everyone,

challenge is on!

The winner from previous post:

well done!
2 SBD are on their way to you.

photo of the day was taken by @yocoima , but I decided to use only a small part of it this time! and it is the inspiration for today's challenge:


beautifull photo! monochrome metal colors with a touch of wood.

rules for the next challenge:

1.This is an ongoing challenge in which you are asked to respond to a "the photo of the day" with a new photograph that is inspired in some way from the previous one.

2.follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated!

winner will receive 2 sbd and the honour of being the photo of the next day:)

here is the link for the first post in the series:

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Mi participación de hoy, mucha suerte a todos.

Hello friends, I was busy this is my ticket today, some delicious donuts ..

Very good job @yocoima let's see how it goes this time here you have my entraga @shubaca430



Congratulations to the winner, Shubaca430 this contest is getting better every time!

My ticket for today


Shubaca430 how are you? this contest has me excited
My ticket for today, ready to enjoy my dinner

Thank you friend @ shubaca430 I am pleased to be the winner again, good images are good for all .. creativity up !!

Congratulations @yocoima My Picture of the Day, all ready to prepare baked chicken @shubaca430

Here is my entry,
This is coconut oil and very good to the health

images (20).jpeg

Congratulations to the winner

Here is my ticket today, this contest excites me


Buenas tardes, esta es mi participación. Éxito.

Hi @shubaca430 i love this contest
Heres my entry
I made pancakes with strawberry for breakfast

My entry for your contest
Good luck everyone
Very interesting contest


Esta es mi participación para el concurso
Buena suerte amigos

My entry :)