photo of the day - Day 18

2년 전

hello stemians,

challenge is on!
photo of the day- #potod

thanks for continuing to respond and with your own photos~

winner from previous challenge:


well done!
2 SBD are on their way to you.

photo of the day was taken by @jennimorillo , but I decided to use only a small part of it this time! and it is the inspiration for today's challenge:

there is something beautiful about the light of this photo!

rules for the next challenge:

1.This is an ongoing challenge in which you are asked to respond to a "the photo of the day" with a new photograph that is inspired in some way from the previous one.

2.follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated!

winner will receive 2 sbd and the honour of being the photo of the next day:)

here is the link for the first post in the series:

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Happy to have won, this contest is great, every day you surprise us with your choice, thanks shubaca430


This is my ticket for this week, good luck to all!

Greetings friends Congratulations to the winner .. @shubaca430 this is my entrance a rich Venezuelan arepa are the best !!

Congratulations @jennimorillo for that photo you are right there is a special light

Here I show you my entry this take the day Thursday while I was going back home it was a rainy day


Congratulations Amiga @jennimorillo I loved your photography .

Congratulations to the winner @jennimorillo this is my Photo of Day @shubaca430

Buen día, felicitaciones para el ganador. Me encanta este concurso, suerte para todos. Gracias @shubaca430.
Esta es mi participación:


Congrats to the winner

This is my seedbed that I elaborate in my hands-on sowing classes .. @ shubaca430 are growing chili plants waiting to be transplanted. Good luck to everyone ..


Happy to participate again, congratulations to the winner

Hi @shubaca430 this is my entry