photo of the day - Day 21

2년 전

hello stemians,

challenge is on!

photo of the day- #potod

thanks for continuing to respond and with your own photos~

winner from previous challenge:


well done!
1 SBD are on their way to you.

photo of the day was taken by @jennimorillo, but I decided to use only a small part of it this time! and it is the inspiration for today's challenge:

rules for the next challenge:

1.This is an ongoing challenge in which you are asked to respond to a "the photo of the day" with a new photograph that is inspired in some way from the previous one.

2.follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated!

winner will receive 1 sbd and the honour of being the photo of the next day:)

here is the link for the first post in the series:

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Very good picture, congratulations

It's in my ticket for today


Congratulations to the winner .. my ticket

Hello, a drop of nature collor. I hope you like it. Good luck for everybody.


This is my Photo @shubaca430

Shubaca430 grateful with the award

Thanks for the feedback

This is my ticket for today


Well for the winner, this contest is great

My ticket for today


  • @shubaca430 Congratulations to the winner, I really liked the impressive colorful photo, thanks friend for this beautiful contest, faith! the day.


@shubaca430 This contest is Excellent!. Congratulations to the winner.
My entry for today:

nice colorful photography.

I really liked this photo

I present my ticket, greetings


Felicidades a la ganadora. Esta es mi entrada

Hello! back to your big challenges @shubaca430, here I leave my entrafa inspired by the winning photo, I hope it is to your liking and that of my dear followers