photo of the day - Day 25


hey everyone!

back again!

challenge is on ofcourse!

"photo of the day"

thanks for continuing to respond and with your own photos~

winner from previous challenge:


well done!
1 Steem are on their way to you.

photo of the day was taken by @tito21 , but I decided to use only a small part of it this time! and it is the inspiration for today's challenge:
love the vibes of this pic, it looks so natural eventough you put a lot of thought in to it:)

rules for the next challenge:

1.This is an ongoing challenge in which you are asked to respond to a "the photo of the day" with a new photograph that is inspired in some way from the previous one.

2.follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated!

winner will receive 1 steem and the honour of being the photo of the next day:)

here is the link for the first post in the series:

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Hi @shubaca430, this is my entry:
my cat in the beach

  ·  작년

Hi friend @shubaca430 This photo is 100% original, I took it with my cell phone's self-timer.! A sunset with my wife and son in front of Lake Taiguayguay, sector Bella Vista Municipality Sucre, Aragua-Venezuela. !!


Hi, @tito21, it's too nice this pic. Thanks for sharing. Luck in the contest.

  ·  작년

Hi @oriagny thank for you comment, luck also for you in the contest

Hi, everybody, this is my pic. Fruits painting for my grandma of 90 years old, watermelon and avocado from my garden and sweer pepper (Gift of a friend) All full color!!!!

esta es mi entrada amigos.

Greetings @Shubaca430 This is my entry a beautiful trip to Panama ..

Hello friend @ shubaca430 that good choice, I like the picture, this bes my entry ispired in the previous one a beautiful paradise like the beach ..

This is my entry @shubaca430

Congratulations to the winner, it is a magnificent photo!

hello eveyone, my entry ·1

Congratulations to the winner

Here is my entry


This picture is from one of mybooks IMG_20180913_121802.JPG

  ·  작년

Thank you for your comment @shubaca430 I will continue participating

Congratulations to the winner. Thanks to @shubaca for doing this beautiful contest every week. A big greeting.
This is my entry for this week.