Photo Hunt Contest #6 - Theme - Nature

3년 전

Photo Hunt Contest #6 - Theme- Nature

By @photoquest

My nature entry is this bison photo taken in Yellowstone Park in the USA. They are such incredibly massive animals!


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Awesome photo shot , @melinda010100
I Love the nature photo, cause that give us the calm situations and feel really life


I agree! I love nature photos, too. Thanks for your kind words!


Many thanks, my friend!

Really great shot @melinda010100, you are amazing :D


Many thanks! I'm so glad you like it. I had a hard time deciding which nature photo to enter!!

This is a fantastic shot.


Many thanks!! It was fun to sit safely in the car watching them and taking pictures!


I thought you was supposed to see how close you could get to them?!?


LOL....I've heard that some folks attempt those up close and personal shots, but I prefer to let my camera do that job!😀

I agree, Bison is an animal that is so big and usually lives in the open nature, but I will just look online @melinda010100


Haha! You would be safe looking from inside a car, although it is nice to have a big car!

It looks like a sweet boy!


Not so sure about sweet!

That is an amazing capture Dear Melinda,wow!!!

What an amazing shot!! It must have been something to watch this animal!


There were so many of them! It is always incredible to get to watch wildlife. We were astonished by the grizzly bear we had just seen a few miles back.


I think I would have been scared!

Wild Buffalo it looks like