Laza Medved checking out the statue of the bad-ass bank robbing/revolutionary/army-leading Grigory Kotovsky at the 600 year old Moldovan capital city #Statues

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Grigory Kotovsky statue. This dude was a bad-ass. I identify with him a bit. Besides the bank robbing and communist stuff. He's an adventurer and had an interesting life. I read about him years ago in passing and here was my chance to see his statue in Moldova's largest (and capital) city, Chisinau, an interesting mix of styles abound in the city. It's a mix between really old, and really Soviet.

Chisinau (20).png

All the post-Soviet states have very obvious Soviet architecture, yet each area has a distinct flavor of Soviet architecture. For instance comparing Polish Soviet to Moldova Soviet you'll see they're completely different. Moldova is more 'round' and Poland is more large and square. Moldova and Romania both have balconies that often are rounded like this hotel. You won't see a style like this outside of the East Balkans (not even Serbia).


Laza Medved Signature 2.png

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