Laza Medved and baroque architecture in West Ukraine Carpathian small town Kolomyia #Architecture

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Yes, even Ukraine has baroque-style buildings. Anywhere in West Ukraine you'll find these buildings. Basically anywhere under the old Austro-Hungarian empire this timeless architecture is still existing and up-kept, usually pretty well. Kolomyia is a fly-over city in between Chernivtsi and Lviv in the Eastern Carpathians (West Ukraine). But like everywhere I go, I never fly-over. I stop and stay for a little while to absorb it.

Kolomiya (26).png

A simple small Ukrainian city. People are nice and this is the size of town where English definitely gets you stares of ...'are you lost'? And I have no idea how to spell this city, you see versions of Kolomiya, Kolomyia, Kolomyya....since Russian was dropped as the official language in Ukraine every city is going through a Ukrainianization process, like Kiev is now Kyev, Lvov is now Lviv, etc. but I don't know where Kolomyia is in the process...

Kolomyya Ukraine.png

Laza Medved Signature 2.png

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