Laza Medved at one of the world's few UNESCO cultural & natural heritage sites at the southernmost edge of the Yugoslavian border...Ohrid #Views

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When I moved to the Balkans I decided that I wanted to live near a body of water for a little while tucked away somewhere. I discovered this body of water near Albania at the bottom of Macedonia looking at google maps one time and I knew that this looked pretty damn exotic so I put it on my bucket list.

Ohrid (8).png

The lake is beautiful. This is definitely a summer town. It's very quiet in the winter, which is when I ended up visiting it. It's a beach town for sure, but a Balkan beach town. The drive down on the marshutka from Skopje was harrowing...HARROWING! It was snowing, we were descending down small mountains/large hills on very windy roads, with no road barriers, tight roads, in the night, and a typical aggressive-driving Balkan driver...Goddamn. It felt good to get to the town, flat ground, and this killer view.

Ohrid Macedonia.png

Laza Medved Signature 2.png

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