concept of PS [part nintysix]

2년 전

Hey There!

It's raining here!!!! feeling fresh and would like to share some stuff again.
It's Another day, Another post producing for you.
people who are interested in photoshop and photography, I would like to share a lil portion of PS with full of my gratitude.


What I Wanna See (based on 3 photos)


Infinity Pool (based on 3 photos)
main photo


Scrutiny (based on 2 photos)


Hand searching (based on 2 photos)

main photo


Imaginative (based on 2 photos)
main photo

Done for now :)

All photos are taken from google images, unsplash and other websites. If the photos are against the rules of copywriting terms and condition, Please pardon me, I'm not announcing myself as an owner of the photos... Thank You

Any Opinion? Please Comment!



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